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Psych on Sprint TV


Psych on Sprint TV

I'm getting sorta confused by which Psych episodes are available on Sprint TV and when. You have to wait a full month after each ep airs to watch on Hulu, and Sprint tv doesn't have that wait, so I much prefer it! If I'm remembering right.. I watched ep 1 on hulu since there wasn't a wait for that one, then I watched ep 2 on my phone. Oddly, episode 3 was not available but ep 4 was, so I waited for ep 3 to be available on hulu, then watched it there, then watched 4-5 on my phone, now 6-7 aren't available but 8 is... whats goin on?


Re: Psych on Sprint TV


Thank you for the post. I apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing. What type of device do you have?

Jen R
Sprint Social Care Team

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