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Question about Text Messages


Question about Text Messages

I am sending text messages to a friend. My phone shows "read" and the time the text was read. My friend swears she is not reading or opening the texts even when my phone says she did. Could this be an error with her phone....or is she not being honest? I mean..can it display "read" and she actually didn't read it?

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Re: Question about Text Messages


Thank you for posting and bringing your situation to our Sprint community page. I'm sorry to hear your incurring issues with texting. I take it that you’re currently working with an IPhone, please correct me if you are using a different device. Normally the device would not say it has been read if the text message was not opened to be read. Have you tested the devices side by side to see what happens when you send a text that is not opened? Do you have this issue with anyone else that can display a sent and read receipt when texting? Does your friend experience this issue with other people that can see if she has read their text messages? Please let me know, I look forward to your response and looking into this matter further for you.

Charles G.

Sprint Social Care Team

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