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Re-Instate Lease


Re-Instate Lease

Good Morning, 

I have some issues that I need to have resolved. My phone lease was canceled due to circumstances out of my control. I could not pay my phone bill or lease and it was canceled automatically due to not paying. I recently was able pay what was due on my bill and I was told that once I paid the bill, the lease cancellation charge would drop off. I paid it but it is still on my account. I have called customer service countless times and also used the chat option on sprint's website. No one has been able to resume my lease, although I have been told that they can. I can not pay this amount. I do not have the money, and won't be able to pay it on time. Anything you can do to help, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day.  

Re: Re-Instate Lease

If I were you I would go with another provider.
Sprint Social Care

Re: Re-Instate Lease

Hello mwatson, in order for the Lease contract to be resumed there are some requirements that needs to meet:


Resume can only be supported if all are true:


Contract was canceled in error:

Contract was canceled/closed or purchased in error within 30 days (o within 45 days if porting back or purchased in error).


You still have the device:

You still have the device (comparable or better device if not the same ESN on contract).


Phone number associated to contract is active:

Phone number associated to Contract is active on Sprint network.


Resume will not create 2 open contracts.


For further assistance, please send us a Private Message.

Sprint Social Care
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