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Requesting Exception to 50-Day Active Policy for Unlock + Frustrating Customer Service

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Requesting Exception to 50-Day Active Policy for Unlock + Frustrating Customer Service


My phone meets all unlocking requirements except the 50 days of activation because my phone was replaced by Apple Care about a month ago. About a week and a half ago, my husband canceled our Sprint account and started service with a different company. Sprint proceeded with the cancellation and made no mention that my device would not unlocked, resulting in my current situation in which I cannot use my new SIM card but I no longer have Sprint service either.


My husband and I have interacted with phone customer service 3 times, online customer service chat 3 times, and have visited 2 different stores. Most individuals simply stated the policy and said that the phone would not be unlocked, with no recognition that this could be a special case. I have been told at least twice that the phone was actually scheduled for unlocking and to wait 24-36 hours. Each time period passed with either no action, or with an automated email message repeating the policy and stating that the phone would not be unlocked. The most recent time I requested escalation (2 days ago), the agent said that I would be contacted within 24 hours. I gave my email address because I have no phone service. Yet, the next day (yesterday), I received an email stating, "I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach you by phone to discuss your account concerns," and to call the general customer service number. I tried to call that number and stated that I was responding to an email message, but had to spend another 15 minutes on the line trying to make the 1st level agent understand the issue. At the very end of the 15 minutes, just after I requested another escalation, she returned saying she found a note that my device was scheduled to be unlocked by 1:10pm today. It is 5:00pm - I have received no email and my phone is still locked.


I am beyond frustrated. Please consider that Apple considers my current device (w/serial #B) to have the same purchase date as my replaced device (w/serial #A) since it was an Apple Care swap. Can Sprint please do the same? If not, can someone with higher authority than a first-level phone or chat agent give me a non-robot final answer instead of stringing me along?

Apple considers phone to be purchased in Oct 2016.Apple considers phone to be purchased in Oct 2016.


Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to answer whether an exception will be made.


Once the line/account is canceled and the phone is no longer active on the Sprint network, the time stops. It would then need to be started over. The only way around that part, is if you have a line on the account that is staying on and you swap the phone onto that line to meet the requirement. 





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Okay, thank you for your valuable time.


You're welcome. 





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Queen of Unlocks and Billing Questions. Samsung for Life!!
Kudos and Accepted Solutions are welcomed and appreciated.

Very similar situation here, very frustrating, after having spent 10 hours on the phone on 5 occasions:


8 days ago: old phone (BYOD) broke. 

7 days ago: bought new Iphone XS Max, full price, "carrier free" at Best Buy.

7 days ago: put in old SIM card, tried to activate, no success, called sprint. They tried, no success, "incompatible SIM", sent out a new SIM.

5 days ago: new SIM arrived. put in new SIM card, tried to activate, no success, called sprint. They tried, no success, "incompatible SIM". I gave up at this point in time.

3 days ago: found out that my new Iphone is locked to Sprint now. Cannot use any other carrier. Called sprint. They said they would unlock, would take up to 48 hours.

1 day ago: phone still locked, cannot use any other carrier. Called sprint. They said they would unlock, would take up to 24 hours.

Today: phone still locked, cannot use any other carrier. Called sprint. They said they can NOT unlock until 50 days active on their network. Best buy phones lock in to the first provider that activates a sim card. Told them that my phone was never activated, which they confirmed, since serial is not on the account. Still locked to sprint now. They won't unlock, they could not activate, my contract has already ended.

I am out of options here and cannot believe how customers are lied at and treated like this. Whom do they think this behavior is in favor for?


Please help.


Hi Batey. I'd be glad to help you check in on things. Were you getting this phone at the same time that you were looking to port out to another carrier? Typically we wouldn't unlock a device if you are staying on Sprint but would review the phone's history against our unlock policy at the time we are notified of needing an unlock for porting to a new carrier. If you're staying with Sprint you should be able to activate and use the phone no problem. Let me know and then we can get some additional information as needed in PM to review further. 


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Hi OldGreg,


thank you for looking into this.

I had initially planned to activate the new phone with sprint, but after failed 2 tries (existing and new SIM) to activate, I decided to move on to another carrier.

The number was ported out a couple days later, on 3/17.

I will PM you the IMEI of the new phone, which I now want to use with another carrier.




My phone is still not unlocked. Ticket closed and advised it’s because it should be unlocked. It’s still not been done. Account opened for > 18 months, fully paid off over 3 weeks ago now. Advised phone is unlocked but this is incorrect. Went into store unable to help, said to phone customer care, again.




I am having the same issue.  I purchased an unlocked Iphone XS and activated on Sprint for 1 day and now it's locked.  Sprint reps says I need 50 days before it can be unlocked.

I need this phone to be unlocked at once since I will be traveling overseas next week.

Can you please help.


Hi Nismo! Our policy for domestic unlock requires the phone to be active on the account for a minimum of 50 days if it's been purchased at full price. 

Can you please send us a PM with the following information so we can submit a request for an international unlock of the phone?

1. Phone number on Sprint account

2. Account PIN or Security Question Answer

3. Best contact email address.  We'll send the confirmation of the unlock request to you via email 

4. IMEI of that iPhone XR

5. Dates you'll be travelling.

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

A ticket was definitely submitted yesterday. We follow up closely with the status of it, as we are notified by email as well with what is going on with your device.  Thank you for your patience.


Exact same problem as the original poster had. Bought the phone in 2017, had insurance replace it in Oct 2017, when I agree that it would become a new device to Sprint’s network, then had Apple Care fix a know problem with it on April 11, 2019 which resulted in a new logic board and serial number/IMEI. Apple still says the purchase date is Oct 2017. Spent 5 hours on the phone yesterday, both at home and inside of a Sprint store so the employees could hear what I was having to deal with from the customer service people. Also spent 3-1/2 hours in a chat yesterday. Was hung up on twice by rude customer service people that didn’t want to give me their information so I could track who I’d been talking to. This was all after 2 hours on the phone three days ago trying to start the unlock process.


All in all I was told it would be 24-48 hours max, 24-72 hours max, 3-8 business days, 30-60 more minutes by a “tech support” person, and then 23 more day by a final person. The last girl I talked to yesterday told me she finally added in the notes that Apple Care changed the IMEI, and that “hopefully” it would help. I want off of the Sprint network for these very reasons. There is no ownership of problems, lack of customer service, and no accountability up or down the chain. Each person would just say that they were going to open a new case like that would make me feel better.


Before getting hung up on by a man who called himself “John” from Manila, Philippines , none of which I believe to be true, I was “guaranteed” by a woman who called herself “Shane” from “Prince, Philippines” (which I don’t believe is a real place)  that in 48 hours the phone would be unlocked. She couldn’t tell me what her guarantee consisted of though, and just sounded like another hollow promise by Sprint. I also found out that “Shane’s” employee number was an interaction number, and not actually an employee number, so yet another lie as well. If any of this wants to be verified, it was at 4:42pm PDT 5/8/2019 that “Shane” guaranteed 48 hours, and shortly after that “John” gave me his info.


Please stop holding my property hostage on your network.


@RedCruzr_Sprintyou’re supposed to be the “Queen if unlocks” please help.



Just realized that in the screenshot that I attached that you can see how bad my network service is too. Only one bar while sitting at home. Another reason why I want to leave Sprint. 


Hi There,

If I am understanding your message correctly, your phone meets all the requirements, except for the 50 days of service, correct? 

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