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Returning leased phone a month early?


Returning leased phone a month early?

I have a galaxy S7 that has two technical lease payments left, one payment has already been billed so when that payment clears I have one payment left. I'm on autopay, so it may even have cleared already. 


Totally understand I need to pay that last payment, but I've already changed phones so the S7 is just sitting in a drawer. With all the hassles I hear about returning leases I'd like to get started early. 


I chatted a rep who said s/he would send a return kit. When I didn't get one, I chatted again and was told the previous rep did not send it because the lease was not completed.  Is it possible for me to just return this phone now? Again, I know I have to pay out the lease - I just want it over with. 


thanks for any advice. 

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