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Roaming & Radio Interference Resource Shortage


Roaming & Radio Interference Resource Shortage

Where to begin? I have an EVO3D that is my 4th replacement, as the screen kept dying on me after about 3-4 months.  The latest phone has lasted, but within the last 2 months, I've been having issues with service. Horrible issues. As in, there is none. Almost ever.

My phone is roaming in most cases, and I'm assuming that has nothing to do with the phone, and everything to do with the service. The only problem is, that it wasn't always like this. I'm not sure if my area lost a cell tower, but I can't receive calls in my home any longer.  I've lived here (in Lakewood, OH) for a year, and didn't have a problem until about two months ago.  Additionally, I was recently on vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida and had the same problem.  Roaming. ALL. DAY. LONG.  If it's not roaming, I get the "X" logo above my bars.  Every once in a while, I'll be lucky enough to have 1-2 bars, or a flash of full-bars, that quickly disappear. In addition to constantly roaming my phone interrupts texts and facebook (and admittedly games) with the "Radio Interference Resource Shortage" message.  Additionally, people are confused by my texts, because they all come out of order, and hours after I sent them in some cases.  Even though I currently hold a job, I'm curious how many (better) jobs I've applied to can't reach me either, since my phone often goes directly to voicemail "most of the time" according to my family and friends.  Outgoing calls aren't any better.  WHEN I actually CAN place them (I often click the "call" button to listen to 30 seconds of silence before receiving a beep, notifying me that my call has been dropped), I inevitably am told by the other party, that they can't understand me and I'm breaking up.  It doesn't matter where I call from; restaurants, driving, work, home, walking outside, in suburbs, downtown, other states, etc.  I have zero service, whatsoever.  This is especially noticeable when I leave work, and my phone blows up with all my facebook notifications, e-mail notifications, snapchats and texts for the day; a problem that I didn't have in the past, and have worked in the same building for 2 and a half years.  Web-browsing is almost impossible without Wi-Fi (which destroys my battery).

I get that Sprint is a cost-effective option, and I appreciate that, but my plan is up this month and I've all, but switched to Verizon (my work phone is Verizon and I've been calling people back from that when I need to talk to someone), unless I can find a solution.  I'm not spending another $200 on a phone to be trapped in a plan for 2 years just to come to my wits end because I'm constantly missing calls and texts.

If anyone can offer any solutions, I'd be glad to listen.  I've been a Spring customer since owning a cell-phone, and I'd like to stay, but at some point the costs outweigh the benefits.  If nobody has any viable solutions, see ya later, Sprint.

PS, after finishing this, I checked my phone to see if I have any texts. I was greeted by another "Radio Interference Resource Shortage" message. Fantastic.


Re: Roaming & Radio Interference Resource Shortage

And now this.  I didn't change this e-mail. I'm certain I gave them my g-mail account during set-up, especially since it's synced to my phone.sprint.JPG


Re: Roaming & Radio Interference Resource Shortage



At my office it has helped to take my phone off roaming.

Apparently I'm between two towers and the signals compete or confuse the connection.

[EVO  Lte]


Re: Roaming & Radio Interference Resource Shortage


In an effort to address all of Sprint’s customer concerns I am reaching out to you today. I do regretfully apologize for the delay in response as this is unacceptable. A new system has been put in place to ensure that all customers are responded to in a timely manner. I’m afraid I may have reached you too late; however I do want to let you know I am still here to help if needed.

Thank you for reaching out to us on Sprint Community, if you need additional assistance let us know.  If we do not hear back in 48hrs we will consider the case resolved.


Sprint Social Care Team

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