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SMS/MMS stopped working after waiting for Sprint verification code


SMS/MMS stopped working after waiting for Sprint verification code

This is the strangest thing to happen to me. 

I tried logging in to my account this morning to pay my bill. I enter my username and password. I get the "extra security measures" message and choose my number so Sprint can text me a verification code.


I never got the code. I tried it again. The code still didn't come. So I check with my sister, who is on the same plan, and ask her with Facebook Messenger, "Can you text?" She said yes, and I asked her to text me. She wrote "Test" in a text. I get the text. Then I try the Sprint code again. Still doesn't come to me. So I choose HER line this time and she gets it, and texts it to me - except I don't get the code she texted. I get "Test" again.


Every text she sends since are words, phrases and conversation on her side - but all I'm getting are texts that say "Test."


Same happens with another friend. He sends me a text after trying to get Sprint's code, and then every text he sends after that first one ARE REPEATS OF THE FIRST TEXT. Meanwhile, I can't get MMS messages either. 


I tried a million things and finally caved and did a hard reset. I've updated PRL, profile. I've removed my SD card. I chatted with Sprint customer support who reset the network and verified I have no restrictions on the account. So they give me the number to technical support - to call with the only phone I have at home (my cell phone) - and IT'S THE WRONG NUMBER. 

I'm at my wit's end. What could this be that a hard reset doesn't fix? My sister's messages to me are still coming across as "Test" but when she send a screenshot of the conversation on Messenger, she is definitely NOT writing "Test."


I have an LG G5. This is the first problem I've had with it. I'm going nuts. Any thoughts???


Re: SMS/MMS stopped working after waiting for Sprint verification code

UPDATE: did the hard reset. No change. I kept receiving the first text sent by my sister after waiting for sprint's verification code. No new texts would come in.


Here's the strange thing: around 10:30pm, I started getting A TON of text message alerts. I was getting my sister's texts (the real ones), my friends, texts I hadn't gotten at all, and - AND - several opt-out confirmation texts! From stores, my son's school, political teams I stay aware of, my bank. All of them were "We've received your request to opt-out of text alerts" texts.


What the hell did Sprint do to my phone, man???


I wish they would change their super secret verification process. My password should be enough. I honestly think their verification code process is what caused this issue to begin with. I'd love to get a reply.

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