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SPRINT Smartphone Protection is GARBAGE!


SPRINT Smartphone Protection is GARBAGE!

I’ve been paying Sprints Asurion $15 a month for 2 IPhones for 18 months. That $540 total, $270 each. One phone just had a cracked screen. I took to a Sprint Corp store and they said 8 days to send off, no loaner. I was told by a Sprint Rep it would be covered same day service at Apple store. Took to Apple store today, was told “We don’t honor this warranty” will cost you $150. Went online to the Sprint Asurion “Claim’s Assistant” site. Had to go through hoops to be told by chat guy Paul, “I apologize but your claim will need to be processed through our claims adjuster and this will take 2 days.” WTH???!! When I got phones, the Rep said this was the best coverage, same day cracked screen service, no problem you’ll be fully covered, blah, blah, blah!!! Start a bank acct and set aside $15 a month or go to the phone manufacturer’s website and buy their insurance!!! 

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