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Does anyone else have problems with the updates? I really wish I could get a response back from Sprint on this one but they don't have an answer thus far. First off the website is always a problem for us. For well over a year we haven't been able to access our account online even though they keep telling us to go online with these problems. After numerous hours of trying I can finally get on but only after changing username twice and password numerous times. Anyways, I have an S4 and when I bought it was the best phone I've had the pleasure of owning. Fast forward about six or seven months and now I just want to give it away. They keep forcing updates and now my phone is almost entirely different. Every time they update my phone it changes things here or there, slows my phone, weird things happen and I just wish I could say no to the updates. Now the latest update came like last week and now my phone is doing all kinds of weird stuff, AND, what I have a HUGE problem with is that it forced me to upload my pictures to an online web program. Those are personal and I don't want my pictures uploaded anywhere anyone can get to them, I don't care if its a picture of apple pie, that's private to me. That should have needed my permission period. I'm getting weird text messages, weird calls, and in some cases I'm not getting my text messages from actual people. This morning it said I had a text message and when I open it, there was nothing there. I got three more text messages this morning that when I opened them were dated for last night. So why didn't I get them last night? Not to mention the weird jibberish text messages I'm getting from sprint now. And now I get constant notifications for emails that I have already read and/or deleted. Changed my keyboard on me that I can't change back too. My phone also randomly calls people now.  And I also get calls now that sound like we're on speaker phone when we're not. I am super frustrated with this. Is there a way to decline these updates? Or maybe pick and choose what the updates are changing?




I can see why you are seeking another way to go about this. From my knowledge the software updates to not have to be completed when notified of the change. I would suggest that before completing the update time be taken to find out what the update will improve upon before implementing. This way you can decide if it is something you want or not. With some devices it will give a brief description of the update when under settings. The only way to reverse the updates at this time would be to place the device back to its factory settings with a reset. If all these delays are coming from the updates then I would assume you are not the only one and the manufacturer would work to create a new update to fix the problem. Often times updates are tested to try and avoid this from happening. As far as the uploading pictures going it would help to see this or do you have the site it was up loaded to? This way I can do further research on it. I wonder if it may have linked up to your google account if you happen to have one, being that this is an android device. Have you gone to a store to have your phone looked out through this time?

If you don't mind I want to take a look into the area so that I can rule out the network as a cause for some of the concerns that you bring up. May I have the intersection and major zip code of the area that your device is used most?


Sprint Social Care Team
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