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Samsung Galaxy III Messaging and Internet Picture Problems


Samsung Galaxy III Messaging and Internet Picture Problems

I have Purple Samsung Galaxy III for the last year and have been pretty happy overall. This past 2 weeks or so however I have had numerous problems.


The battery keeps draining on me at odd times, one minute I have full battery and then all of a sudden it is beeping because its dead. Other days the battery is just fine and yes I have checked the "what is draining your battery" The screen which is on automatic brightness and power saver drains the most power.

SECOND: I cannot get images on the internet at all, if I try I just get a blank page and half the time I can't even get a webpage to come up. To top it off, I am connected to my homes wireless when this happens sometimes so I know I have the capability.

THIRD: I am having to send text messages two and three times for them to go through. Every other message I send is "message failed" and it does not matter what my network bars are or where I am.

Is my phone dying the good fight after less than a year? Is this an update issue? Did I miss an update? Anybody else having any of these issues?


Re: Samsung Galaxy III Messaging and Internet Picture Problems, Thanks for reaching out. Did you try to troubleshoot the phone for the data & text message issue? As for the battery problem, you would have to take it to a Sprint repair center.
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