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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Repair (TEP) Issues - Formal Complaint Request


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Repair (TEP) Issues - Formal Complaint Request

I have a cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and started a claim to get it fixed. This is what insurance should be for and I expected the process would be an easy one. On Thursday May 17, 2018 in the afternoon, I took my phone to Sprint Store with a Technician by making an appointment. Upon arrival, I waited 25 minutes (even with an appointment) to talk to the single technician at the store. After 45 minutes he proceeds to tell me he doesn't have the part to fix my screen. He started a 'ticket' for my phone and told me I will call you back if anything changes. The next day, Friday May 18, 2018 he proceeds to call that he still doesn't have any screen for repair and recommends I bring in the phone to the store so they can ship it to Samsung to fix it. I told the Technician (whom I want to file a formal complaint to the corporate office - I have the name of the technician and location of the store) I can't come in Friday or Saturday but I can come in on Sunday. He says the 'ticket' is only good for 48 hours and I should come in either Friday or Saturday. I told him I don't have time and he says 'fine come in Sunday and he can start a new ticket'. We hang up agreeing that I will be coming Sunday afternoon May 20, 2018. Sunday rolls around and I walk-in to the Sprint Store at 4:52 PM in Glendale, CA and look for the technician. He is in the back and he continues to avoid eye contact. I tell the store workers I am here to see the technician and they proceed to start talking to one another in Spanish. After a few moments the store worker sitting in the middle counter (there is three counter at the store), that he is going on a lunch break and is done for the day. 4:54 PM? Lunch break? Done for the day? There is no offer of apology, no creation of a new ticket, I was basically told come back another day he is done for the day. Just for context, the store closes at 7:00 PM. I proceeded to ask for the full name of the technician to file a formal complaint with the corporate office and the store workers refused to provide the name. Additionally, the technician was sitting behind the repair window the whole time without saying a single word to me, only relaying messages to store workers in Spanish in my plain sight. I've referred over 20 family and friends to Sprint, information that is verifiable, and I expected better. This was an unacceptable experience. My screen is still broken and more importantly I am disgusted this can be allowed to happen to your customers by your own employees. Please provide me access to appropriate channels to address my concerns/issues.

Sprint Employee

Hello @jasonkjs, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have gone through. Let's take a closer look into this. Please check your inbox.

Sprint Social Care

I replied to you in the different message. Can I get a confirmation the message has been received and being worked on?

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