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Samsung Galaxy SII....overheating after ICS update


Samsung Galaxy SII....overheating after ICS update

So...first my battery life was horrific after the ICS update. I was able to fix that with a cache partition wipe. Although the battery life isn't back to what it originally was, it is still better than it was the day of the updated.

This morning I woke up to a warning on my phone telling me that the charging was "paused" due to the battery overheating. Right now, my phone is on the charger in hopes of reaching 100%. My phone is extremely hot right now. What in the world is going on? I am 5 minutes away from going to Sprint, throwing my phone at them and getting an Iphone. And i do NOT want an iphone but i cannot deal with this battery issue on my phone. My phone worked perfectly fine until last Tuesday when i upgraded to ICS. I feel like my life would be better if i just did a hard reset but who wants to do that?

Anybody else have any ideas? And if any sprint rep is out there, please don't reply back to me telling me "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, blah blah blah." If you don't have a solution, stay away!


Re: Samsung Galaxy SII....overheating after ICS update


While I realize your issues started occurring after your ICS update, but you might be having a combination of issues.  It seems like you might be having a hardware issue.  I would recommend taking your device to your nearest Sprint Repair Center.  This will allow our technicians to run a diagnostic on the device and determine the root cause of the issue (the battery or the device itself.  Note, clicking the above will allow you to find the closest repair center to you as well as to create an appointment for most locations.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Sprint Technical Support

Hours: 9am-8pm CST Sunday-Wednesday


Re: Samsung Galaxy SII....overheating after ICS update

I have had similar issues since the upgrade.  My battery used to last all day without fail. I could leave GPS, WiFi and bluetooth all on and my battery would still be at 50% or better from morning to morning when I would recharge it.  After the update, I go from 100% charge at 11 AM to around 30% by 9 PM.  This is now with bluetooth, WiFi and GPS all turned off.  Today, my phone went from 100% at 11 AM to 1% (critical) by 5 PM and it was very hot when I picked it up.  I had not used the phone once, it was in my bag all day.  I was concerned because this was the first time I had noticed the heating up issue.  My phone reception has also dropped off.  I used to get an excellent signal and voice quality before the update.  Now, my calls keep breaking up and people are complaining that they here an echo when I'm talking with them.  Ocassionally I will hear an echo on my end.  None of these issues ever happened before the upgrade and they started immediately after the upgrade.  So, I can only assume that is the problem.  I have called customer service and the only solution I was given was to take the phone into the store.  I'm curious if I am the only one with these problems?  I used to love my service and phone but I'm wondering if the upgrade was worth it!


Re: Samsung Galaxy SII....overheating after ICS update

Go into your task manager to see what is running by holding down the home button, click on task manager and close all runnung apps in your ram. Do that and see if that works, good luck!

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