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Service Update DELETES Files from Phone


Service Update DELETES Files from Phone

This morning I woke up to the sound of a text message, and noticed the clock on my phone obscured by a large notification.  The text was jibberish.  I closed out of the notification and went back to sleep.  I was shortly reawoken by another garbled text, and noticed the notification had come back.  I saw that it said something about a Service Update, so I "okayed" it and went back to sleep.  Yet again a text message awoke me, and when I opened my eyes this time I immediately noticed that my wallpaper had changed. 

The wallpaper that I had used was the water surface with floating autumn leaves - the default when I purchased the phone.  I had never changed it, and now it had changed while I was not actively using the phone.  When I tried to find the Wallpaper in my Live Wallpapers, it had completely disappeared from my phone.

Taking the strange text messages into account, combined with my semi-conscious state at the time I agreed to the "update", I now thought I had downloaded some sort of virus.  I immediately went to the Sprint Store and explained the situation, but they were entirely nonplussed.  They could not explain the text messages, except to say that it was Spam.  And they merely dismissed the wallpaper deletion as typical of Service Updates.  "Sometimes they remove things when they upgrade."

How can they act nonchallant while they acknowledge that they will arbitrarily, permanently delete files from my phone without warning?  I can not find the wallpaper in the App Store.  When I purchased the phone, the wallpaper was part of my purchase.  It was my property.  And if they can arbitrarily delete my wallpaper, how can I know what else they may have altered?  I only happen to be aware of the wallpaper because it was in use at the time of its removal.  How am I to trust that anything in my phone is stationary and protected?

There seems to be a general concensus that anything virtual is community property.  Google loves to change my homepage around, which for me is like someone coming into my living room and rearranging the furniture.  The homepage is a part of my daily existence; it is a part of the furniture.  But I don't pay Google, so I can't complain.  I can only choose to use their service or not.

This case, however, is different.  I purchased an expensive phone, part and parcel.  I purchased the phone because I liked it as it was. I liked how it functioned, and what it included.  Call me old fashioned, but I don't need to always have the latest new thing; I'm comfortable with what works for me.  I did not require an upgrade.  I did not request one.  I assumed that a mandatory service update allowed to phone to continue functioning as it already was - not that it would change the phone functionally and aesthetically.  I certainly did not authorize the removal of the files that were on the phone when I purchased it.

I want to know how to restore the Wallpaper.  And, obviously, I want to register my powerful objection and disapproval to the practice of altering the files on my phone, regardless if they were "just the default".  This is no better than Amazon deleting purchased books off of User's Kindle devices.  I consider everything that was on the phone when I purchased it, bought and paid for.  After all, they were part of my decison to purchase it.


A Grumpy 30-yr-Old Man

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