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Slow or No Data: Help Wanted


Slow or No Data: Help Wanted

Dear Sprint:


I feel like I am out of options and hope you can somehow help me.  As a customer I have never really found myself feeling like this with a company, much less one I rely on so heavily and invest in so consistently.  


I recently reported a problem with my service.  I, and the other lines on my account, have been experiencing slow data speeds and at times no connection to data/LTE at all.  After submitting the complaint I received an email encouraging me to call  to talk more about my issue.  When I called the individual I spoke with recommended that I receive a "magic box".  One was sent to me and I attempted to set it up on 4/16.  After having problems setting it up I called the tech support number listed on the device itself.  The individual told me that the device should not have been sent to me but that he would open a trouble ticket for me and that because it was sent to me the networking team would get it to work.  


Today I spoke with Toni  in networking and she promptly told me that the device should not have been sent to me and that there was nothing that could be done.  She recommended that I connect to the Wi-Fi at my house if I am having data connection problems.  I appreciate her candor but can’t help but feel like I have no other options at this point but to accept the fact that my cell phone service provider [Sprint] is unable to help me at multiple levels and most recently recommended that I use my cable provider instead.  I am now going to be returning a "magic box" that brought nothing but false hopes.  


I already pay both Sprint and my cable provider a hefty amount on a monthly basis and many times for service I don't fully use but to have to pay for service I can’t get is unacceptable.  To pay one for doing the job of the other is a topic I don't even want to get started on.  I would suggest revising that talking point for your networking team.  I rely too heavily on Sprint to communicate with my family, coworkers, friends, and business associates to just up and leave.  The initial issue remains and I have gotten no help and a lot of confusion and frustration. 


My account has the following phones, all Samsung:

Note 5

Note 4




I have tried basic things like restarting the phone(s), updating the PRL(s) updating the Profile(s).  I have also tried whimsical things like holding the phone(s) higher in the air and crossing my fingers.  I can provide more information if necessary.


I am out of ideas.  Please help.



They told me I have to get approved again. I guess it's a 3 line minimum now to get one. I guess I'll just have to call 2 or 3 times a day until hopefully they get tired and end my contract.

I suggest you try to reach someone on here.  I am not promising you anything but the only individuals who helped me were in these forums.  It took me over a month of going back and forth with phone, email, and this forum before someone finally cared enough about me as a customer to help me out.  I still have terrible coverage but at least they offered some monthly discounts so im not getting taken advantage of as much anymore. Another piece of advice is to NEVER believe anything a sprint rep tells you unless you actually see it happening.  I have been lied to many times over.  Ask for conversation IDs associated with all your communications with them.  You will have to refer to them at some point.   


Those discounts will run out eventually, if you score them.  Just make sure you have an action plan in place to make your next move.  


Appreciate the advice. Yes I see that they will tell you anything to get you off the phone. I had one representative tell me that there was nothing they can do until I pay my bill for the month when it wasn't even close to being due lol.
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