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Slowest service - Tired of waiting.


Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

I am sick and tired of waiting. I've been waiting since the day I bought Evo4g with Wimax coverage promise (back in summer 2010). It was the first day the phone was released.

Turns out we never got Wimax coverage and whatever we did get was completely unusable. It drained battery with in minutes.

It was blamed on the phone because it was the "FIRST" Wimax phone. Anyways, I paid $10 premium just for having a 4g phone. (Instead of premium lets call this panelty).

Then I gave sprint another chance and bought an S3. This time the promise was for LTE coverage in and around Philadelphia by the end of the year. We have 12 days left and I don't see anything happening.

Go to engadget or any tech site and you'll see every other week VZ and ATT and announcing new cities with full LTE coverage. There are only a few areas where sprint has LTE coverage and it has already sold millions of LTE devices.

They're charging millions of customers for LTE while they're on 3g. I think its completely unfair to pay those outrageous amounts..

Don't get me wrong, it used to be pretty good years ago, I loved sprint. There is a reason why I've been with sprint for over 10 years. But I think I'm running out of patience now. My friends s3 on ATT's LTE is 30 times faster than mine.

Funny thing is, he gets LTE pretty much everywhere. Philly and outside Philly. 

I want sprint to know that they have 2 months to get LTE around the zip code 19355 -- If not then I'm gone and yeah I won't ever recommend sprint to anyone. (even if they pay me for that) !!!

See the speed yourself in this screenshot and then tell me if I'm being unfair.


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.


Thank you for using Sprint Community to voice your questions and concerns.  I'd like to address each of your issues individually if I may.

Slow Data:Based on the speeds that you are receiving, I don't blame you for being upset.  Those download and upload speeds are slow even for 3G services.  If you're experiencing these speeds, we need to correct that.  This may involve reporting your issue to our networking technicians.  If you're not in LTE coverage, however I would recommend disabling LTE services on your device.  This will ensure that your device doesn't attempt to switch between channels frequently, thereby dropping your connection.  If you wouldn't mind providing me with your nearest cross streets, I'd like to start by reviewing your area.

LTE Rollout: It does appear as though LTE is coming to Philladelphia very soon.  You can verify this information by going to  There's not an estimated time or arrival at this time, but this most likely means that we are currently expanding the Philladelphia market at this time.  While I realize this may be some distance for you, that is the only current plan that I see in your area for LTE services.  That being said, you can still enjoy you phone without LTE services.  There are still many wonderful features of your device that have nothing to do with 4G LTE.  Many customer choose to get this device knowing they are not in LTE service at this time.  Also, please keep in mind, we are constantly expanding our network.  There may be plans in your specific city very soon.

Premium Data Fee:  I notice that you mentioned that you pay $10/month to have access to the 4G network.  This is a common misconception.  The premium data fee is not a fee specifically for 4G services.  Here is a link to a blog that thoroughly explains the fee in details.

One way or another, you are not getting the data speeds that I could consider excellent for 3G services.  I'd like to find out why.  Hopefully,  I'll be able to get your phone working to it's optimum ability within 3G speeds.



Sprint Technical Support
Community Hours: 9am-2pm CST Sunday-Wednesday


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

Hi mobashir1,

Thank you so much for being a loyal Sprint Customer. I understand that you are highly anticipating 4G LTE coverage in your area, and provided that it does not arrive in your neighborhood soon you will consider canceling. Unfortunately, a definitive promise date for 4G LTE to arrive in your area has not been determined however,  According to, 4G LTE is arriving in Philadelphia in the coming months. I hope you will continue to stay with us while we make the necessary enhancements to our network to provide the services your require.

Thanks for your Community post.

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

Thank you for your response Fergie. If you can access my account, please see that I called on this Sunday (12/16) to speak to someone from tech support. they made me take the battery out, for 2 minutes. restart and then my profile was refreshed and my PRL was updated. Nothing changed after that and now they're sending me an Airave box (at least I'd be able to make calls at home). The lady at the Tech support said that she has checked and there are no issues reported in the towers nearby and that everything is working smoothly. I told her about the slow speed and dropped calls, here at least I can show you screenshots as proof.

Here's the work location of the street crossing. Its the crossing of Route 29 and Great Valley Pkwy. (Malvern),-75.535309&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=&sll=40.0...

Here's my home location cordinates:,+-75.550995&num=1&vpsrc=0&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=17&iwloc=A

Both locations are not too far from each other and therefore there is no difference in speed or reception. (I think I get worst signal at home than work)

You can review this area now -- If you need more information please let me know.

For LTE rollout, I understand that Philadelphia is going to be one of the markets for Sprint. So was Wimax but that didn't go according to the plan. In any case, I understand you don't have much information at this time.

But I think sprint needs to make some serious deadlines and tell customers that they will get where their compatetors are in x number of months. Some people may just wait .. but at least we would know.

Right now, the only thing I know is that its coming in Philly and nothing else. I want to know if its coming in Malvern. I live in Malvern and I work in Malvern, I don't care if Philly gets LTE or not. That doesn't change anything for me.

So let me rephrase my question, is sprint planning to bring LTE in Malvern, PA ? (Please note that VZ and ATT both have full LTE coverage around this area, so if you want to compete, you gotta expand outside Philly).

I understand Premium data fee -- I've known this from the day it was imposed on people buying HTC Evo 4G Wimax and ultimately it became part of all smart phone plans. Not complaining about it, but what I'm saying is that if you jack up my bill, then I should see a positive difference in the service. 🙂 Trust me, I'd pay $15 premium instead of 10, only if its worth it. Otherwise it would be better to donate it to some charity, at least I would know it wasn't spent for nothing.

Please let me know if I can provide with anything that may help resolve this issue around this area.



Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.


Thank you for sending me this information.  I reviewed the towers surrounding you and I do see some issues that I may need to report. If you wouldn't mind sending me some information via private message I'll be glad to look into it.

To send a private message:

  1. Click on my name (Below my picture)
  2. Select Send a private message (Under Actions on the far right)


Information needed:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your number and other numbers on the account with the same issue
  3. An alternate contact number, other than the number you're experiencing issues with
  4. The approximate date/time that your issue began
  5. The physical address where you most experience the issue
  6. A brief description of your issue including all services effected (voice, data, text) and any errors messages you may be receiving.
  7. An email address

After reviewing this information, I may need to escalate your issue to our networking technicians.  Note:  Please only send this information via private message to protect your personal information.



Sprint Technical Support

Community Hours: 9am-2pm CST Sunday-Wednesda


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

All requested information sent. Thanks Fergie.


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

4G wimax never really got built out and buildout fizzled a few months after Evo launch.

Good news is Philadelphia was announced Sept 2012 as one of the cities being currently built out for 4G lte and the other network improvements over the next coming months( Sprint is overhauling every cell site so I'm sure your sitation will be different/better in the next 6 months (how's that general time frame for you). Hopefully soon though since that was announced in September.


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

For now, I'm ok with 3g if it becomes usable. I can wait for few more months. My contract expires next month, and I'm not renewing unless I know for sure that the speeds are going to get better.

Let me give you a little background of Malvern area. Its one of the fastest growing areas in the suburbs of Philly where so many huge companies are located, Vanguard, Siemens, GE, McKesson, Microsoft, Wyeth, Unisys,  IKON and Penn State Great Valley .. all these are located here. There is a reason why ATT and VZ made sure that this area gets covered before they go anywhere else. Trust me, word of mouth is the best kind of advertisement for a company. When existing customers are unhappy, its very unlikely that you'd see very many new customers.

I see how Sprint markets their plans that they are truely unlimited. What do I do with truely unlimited plan when I can't even watch a youtube video on the go? What do I do with one of the hottest phones when I can't even stream anything.

Being a sprint stock holder and a customer, I believe in sprint, and I want the company to compete head on against ATT and VZ. But I don't see any improvements in the network, in fact 3g has gone from fair to really bad. Now its at a point where it reminds me of those dial up days when you start to download something and then you go and get youself a cup of coffee because you can't keep staring at the screen.


Re: Slowest service - Tired of waiting.

I wouldnt put up with non-loading youtube videos either. I would go with what's best for you. Obviously a year or two from now revisit Sprint if you want. Get a loaner test phone and give the 'New' network a test at that time. If it's thumbs up, you might even be able to find switcher offers.  Like right now for 3 new lines (on a new account), $400 instantly off at register and $300 credit to the bill for porting in, and waived act fees...good promos do come up here and there.

2 of my relatives live in a 1x Sprint area. Not even 3g. They'll get LTE but it'll be 1-2 years. I started feeling guilty last week and may switch them to another carrier that has LTE for the next year or two and then revisit the Sprint network in their area at that time. 

No reason not to leave and look at coming back later. It's not a 30 year mortgage decision or anything. It can be simple!

Good luck.

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