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Sprint Business is terrible


Sprint Business is terrible

I have had Sprint business for ~3 years and it's only gotten worse. My account representative is useless and I have expressed that to Sprint management. They don't care. I was sold iPhone upgrades for life but every time a new one comes out none of my phones are eligible. Now my leases are up and I'm being forced to pay more for the paid off leases than I did under the lease. My bill has increased over 25%. I need to just take the time to evaluate the other plans available and switch. Any recommendations? 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Sprint Business is terrible

Hello freneyb, our main goal is to provide satisfaction to each member of our family. I'm more than willing to provide you all the support you need. For further assistance, please reply to my Private to my Private Message at your earliest convenience.


I'll be awaiting on your response.

Sprint Social Care
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