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Sprint Failed To Maintain The Trust


Sprint Failed To Maintain The Trust

It is very good idea to plan for the promotional offers to get customers from competitors by giving cheap rates or additional features  for the same product. No doubt, on seeing the promotional offers customers from competitors can attract and start using the features. This is very simple and straight forward business strategy.


In the initial stage, customers enjoy using products, refer friends, talk in their network about the services/offers.


However, the reality comes from behind the curtain after sometime, when customers start using the product. When I talk about services it includes different aspects, like how product is working, how customers are being dealt with, how easily customers are getting their issues resolved and most importantly "The Trust". In number of cases businesses failed partially. And this is what my friends and I have been experiencing while migrating from T-mobile to Sprint.


A year and half ago, we were happily using T-mobile and were satisfied with all the services provided. Though services/plans were somewhat expensive but not too much.

Then we came across the promotional offers Sprint was providing, those were somewhat cheap and we got one plus one iphone 6S for 24 months installments. We found, monthly plans were cheap and we recommend 10-15 friends to use Sprint and they all started.


While starting with Sprint, we explicitly asked about using the phones internationally with foreign SIMs inbetween 24 months time span and we got confirmed that it could be done easily with a single call to international department and without paying any penny and plan would continue as it was.

We confirmed this even on the sprint site also , where it explicitly mentioned:sprint.png

 One of my friends, who got same services with me, at the same time, went to India last year and got devices unlocked and used foreign SIMs, without any issues


However, now I also have planned my international visit for one month and requested for international SIM unlock and surprisingly, I got response that Sprint has changed the policy in August 2017, that if any one wants to unlock the devices internationally, he/she has to pay all the remaining payments for all the devices only then this can be done.


I had 8 payments left and I have no issue to pay for the device, but now Sprint want that I should pay for other device also, which was free as part of plan and why it should be paid? because Sprint has changed the policy from August 2017.


Changing the policy for existing customers, straight way, means:

"While selling product show some product/services and when customer starts using the product/service, give something else." 



For me this is like Breaking of Trust.


I have wasted so many hours in getting solution to this problem and finally came to the point that Sprint is not a trust worthy company and I should go back to my older service provider. I have already paid for my phones now and will soon port my numbers to other service provider.


And the most interesting part is, I have paid $250 extra for devices and now getting calls from Sprint, company wants to show some courtesy by paying $50...Smiley Happy, as they changed their policy.


This is not the first time, I faced problems while using Sprint. Sometime back, I got bill in thousands and to get that resolved I wasted so many hours:


The moral of the story is, it is better to pay some amount extra to have good services from the good trustworthy company, that saves lot of time and keeps you away from frustration.




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