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Sprint Global Roaming on Tablet

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Sprint Global Roaming on Tablet

After talking to several different departments at Sprint and even visiting the store, I am still not sure if global roaming will work on my tablet and my phone. Has anyone with a tablet added to their plan traveled internationally and had the global roaming work. Depending on who you speak with at Sprint it either: will not work or will only work on certain tablets. 

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Re: Sprint Global Roaming on Tablet

striker0084, the Sprint Global Roaming plan does not work on Tablets or Mobile Broadband devices, just on LTE-GSM capable phones.


If you have any other questions or concerns about our International plans or services, you can contact our International Support team via International Chat, International Email or over the phone dialing, 888-226-7212.


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Re: Sprint Global Roaming on Tablet

Do you know why not? T-mobile tablets work internationally just fine for free under there global roaming program, so I presume it is technologically feasible?


Re: Sprint Global Roaming on Tablet

because Tmobile is GSM..where Verizon and Sprint are CDMA..most networks outside of the U.S are GSM. limitations of the network
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