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Sprint Has No Customer Service


Sprint Has No Customer Service

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Date Purchased: Sept 18th 2014

Date Returned: Sept 27th 2014 (9 days later)

According to the Sprint Return Policy
We the customers will be reimbursed for our purchases if they are returned within 14 days of the purchase date. Tablets like many devices will cost you an extra restocking fee, which is understandable.  We paid our $75.00 restocking fee and thought that was the end of it, but that was not the case.
I noticed I had an extra $200.00 charge on my monthly statement. 

Here is the complete break down of Sprint’s horrible customer service and communication. Thank goodness I document, I feel sorry for those who cannot.

  1. I call Sprint on OCT. 15th to inquire as to why we are being charged the late return fee even though we clearly returned our tablet within two weeks of the purchase. They claim they can’t find the device. A request is made to investigate the situation.
    1. I’m told I’ll receive a call back
    2. I never receive a call back, but instead I get more warnings about the $200.00 Bill
  2. I call back next month NOV. 17th 2014 after receiving another bill with the $200.00 charge still remaining on the statement. I speak to JEORGE who says the last SERVICE REP submitted a complaint about the bill but did NOT submit an ACTION for the issue.
  3. ROY the ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENTS SUPERVISOR says there is a MEMO on the account, stating that Sprint cannot confirm that the SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET was returned to the store.   ROY transfers me to the RETURN EQUIPMENT TEAM
  4. TRAVIS from the RETURN EQUIPMENT TEAM says the DISPUTE CHARGE goes to the BACK OFFICE TEAM.  TRAVIS says they will research and try to locate the device and then contact me.
    1. Again they never contact me
  5. December 30th I call back and speak to DARNELL.  I tell him I have the receipt and I read the tracking number to him. He wants me to fax the receipt. When I ask about the last case that was opened, he says THE CASE WAS CLOSED BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T GET A HOLD OF THE STORE where I returned the device.
  6. DARNELL opens a new case and says the ESCALATION CASE SUPERVISOR will begin the investigation and call me when they are finished

I can only imagine what happens to folks who don’t have the means or the time to track Sprint’s dishonest actions and lack of follow through.  As soon as I pay off my Iphone and resolve this issue I will be switching to a new company, maybe Team Mobile.  Sprint’s wireless range and coverage is great but it’s horrible customer service greatly out weighs any benefits Sprint can possible offer.

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