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Sprint Lack of Coverage in Medicine Park, OK


Sprint Lack of Coverage in Medicine Park, OK


Sprint currently has very little to no network coverage at all in the area around Medicine Park in Southwest Oklahoma, this includes nearly all of Lake Lawtonka, Robinson's Landing on the lake's North end and all of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Sprint's coverage maps suggest their network provides 2G & 3G service to parts of that area, but that isn't really true. That whole area is a dead zone for Sprint customers. If I go to Medicine Park or Lake Lawtonka no one I know back in Lawton can get in touch with me reliably while I'm out there.

Medicine Park is a very busy leisure and tourism destination in Oklahoma. The town of Medicine Park itself hosts two large music festivals every year and a number of smaller music festivals as well as an annual art walk for local galleries. East Lake Drive is home to a number of bars and restaurants. The Dallas Morning News recently published an article claiming "Medicine Park" will make you love Oklahoma. Lake Lawtonka gets millions of visits every year from locals in the Lawton-Fort Sill area and draws visitors from other parts of the state, including Oklahoma City. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge also gets millions of annual visits. The refuge is home to one of the world's largest wild bison populations and is home to the original bloodline of Texas Longhorn cattle, also wild. Many come to the Wildlife Refuge for hiking, biking and rock climbing.

Back in the 1990's and into the middle of the 2000's US Cellular was the only mobile provider that had coverage in Medicine Park, Lake Lawtonka and the Wildlife Refuge. AT&T put up a tower of their own in Medicine Park and Verizon followed not long after that. I am surprised Sprint and T-Mobile haven't responded by installing towers of their own in this area.

At the very least Sprint really needs to install a phone tower on the South side of Lake Lawtonka so the growing town of Medicine Park and the increasing development around Lake Lawtonka can get coverage.

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Re: Sprint Lack of Coverage in Medicine Park, OK

BobbyH5280, I truly wish we offered services everywhere but unfortunately, we have only off-network roaming in the Medicine Park area of Oklahoma.  At this time there are no plans to build more towers in that area but I will certainly pass your feedback on to our network team.

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