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Sprint Navigation won't enable


Sprint Navigation won't enable

I have a Galaxy SIII. Last week my Telenav came up with a screen that requests me to select the premium service. I can't get by this screen. It was working great before this. Is anyone else having this problem?


Re: Sprint Navigation won't enable


Let’s see what can be done to get this fixed. Do you have the latest version of TeleNav on your device? Please verify ha the software is fully up to date. Thanks!

Sean L

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Re: Sprint Navigation won't enable

Uninstall it. And re-install.

or if it's a preloaded app, go uninstall the updates, clear cache, force close. then re-install updates. (through Settings, Application Manager)

certain reason you like using Telenav versus Google's built in Navigation app (that integrates with voice control too) ?  Just asking, haven't used Telenav in a while and if there are features you like please share.

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