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Sprint Service Sucks in Washington, D.C


Sprint Service Sucks in Washington, D.C

I don't know what is going on with Sprint. I’ve been with Sprint since 2002/2003, and the service is getting worst. I can have LTE and it takes 2 minutes to view a 16 second video , forget about a YouTube video.  True story, yesterday I was with a friend; I was trying to watch a video which didn’t work , my friend with AT&T pulls it right up. Sprint has to do better!!!!

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Re: Sprint Service Sucks in Washington, D.C


I do understand how only being in one or a few areas it seems as though the upgrades are moving at a snails pace however.  I also understand your trepidation at having to wait for the upgrades to be completed in your area.  Each tower's upgrade is a bit analogous and can take time.  Usually, upgrade progresses like this: The old tower is torn down; a new tower is built; new fiber optics cables are buried; new spectrums are added to each tower and each new spectrum is tested and tweaked.  On top of that, there are the unforeseen and out of our control that can work to hamper the progression the techs are trying to make.  These might include things like power outages, fires, acts of God, floods, vandalism, delays due to utility companies, government red tape, property owner delays, animals etc. Due to the aforementioned, it is not possible to provide a finite time frame by which the upgrades in an area will start or end. Of the over 32,000 towers we have nationally, more than 22,000 have ben upgraded in the last 18 or 19 months for an average of over 1,100 per month. Techs are working as fast as they can to get all upgrades completed as expeditiously as possible. With that said may I please have you nearest cross streets and zip code, there are only a few towers your device will touch on throughout the day and with that information we can pinpoint the main towers you work off and see if there is anything impacting your service. We can also check the status of 4GLTE in your area. Keep us posted we want to turn this around and see what we can do to make this right.


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