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Sprint Spark UI Icon


Sprint Spark UI Icon

Why can't Sprint address ANY OF my complaints about the SPRINT SPARK ICON!  This has to be the WORLD'S WORST looking UI icon in the history of the mobile industry.  It just SPINS AND SPINS AND SPINS NO MATTER IF YOU ARE RECIEVING 4G LTE or NOT.  It's also a joke that you don't even have all of Los Angeles covered by 4G LTE.  I'm sure when you respond, you'll just ask my cross-streets -- because YOU COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT THE POORLY DESIGNED UI and POORLY MADE 4G LTE NETWORK.  You rather ask other dumb questions, than FOCUS ON MY COMPLAINT ABOUT THE SPINNING SPARK ICON.  As I have said many times to several customer service agents, I will now just reverse my upgrade.  I will go back to a BASIC KYOCERA BRIO for two more months...and then I will LEAVE SPRINT and go to a provider who doesn't design crappy UI icons for their customer's devices.  Clearly, Sprint could not care less about me and my complaints about this.  That's fine.  I will enjoy reading about Sprint's demise.

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Re: Sprint Spark UI Icon

I was also told by a manager when I called Sprint to complain about this that she too has the LG G2 and also did the update.  While she found it annoying at first, she GOT USED TO IT.

So I guess that's Sprint's answer to everything customer service problem or feedback.  JUST GET USED TO IT.  JUST GET USED TO IT.  JUST GET USED TO IT.

So anyone and everyone out there with your petty complaints about your service, device, et cetera -- JUST GET USED TO IT.

Sprint's customer service managers did -- so WHY CAN'T YOU?!!!!!


Re: Sprint Spark UI Icon


Hi there. I am sorry that this has been so frustrating. I do have an idea that may help. As you do not have LTE in the area, perhaps turning off the LTE may helps. To do this, press menu- settings- more networks- mobile networks and then in network mode select CDMA. Please let me know if this helps.

*Andi R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Sprint Spark UI Icon

I do have 4G LTE in my area, it just isn't over a consistent area (I have it at home, but not at work...a ten mile distance). 

As for switching the phone to work ONLY on the 3G network, which is what your solution amounts it as it does turn off the Spark Icon (which SPINS AS IT indicates the device is searching the tri-band network...which is whenever you use the phone to make a call, use the Internet, download, wake it up, et cetera) obviously the phone is only using one network - 3G.  So then what's the point of having a phone that can get 4G LTE if you never use it?  I might as well just get a phone from one of last years models...which will then be even more obsolete once I finish a two year contract.

This entire issue is just more proof Sprint is an awful provider who clearly don't know what customers want...because they truly don't care what customers want.  Your 4G network fails behind your competition - yet your plans are no better to make up for the weak infrastructure.  Obviously, your new plans just try to trick even more people into joining a sinking ship.  As a company you are clearly tone deaf to even the most basic needs of the consumer when you agree to and sign off on the UI design for a major product launch and it is inherently annoying and obtrusive.   Seriously, when customer service managers tell you to "just get used to it" then why should customers EVER VOICE THEIR COMPLAINTS???

So I am finally done with Sprint.  I will simply reverse my upgrade so I can leave minus penalties ASAP when my contract is up.

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