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Sprint and their relationship with South Dakota


Sprint and their relationship with South Dakota

So my wife and I have been customers for about 6 years here. A while back, we inquired to Sprint about when we in Sioux Falls, a town with about 153,000 people, has absolutely deplorable service. I mean no 4G aside, even my phone's 3G barely holds on half the time. I recently found out that this is in part because Sprint does not have it's own towers here in Sioux Falls.

A couple years ago while delivering pizza (now a stay at home dad so phone not working can suck more than normal) to a meeting of Sprint higher ups, I jokingly mentioned to them "Hey, where is our 4G guys c'mon?" I was told at that time about the towers, they're trying, etc. Which is fine, just show us some customer loyalty through effort.

I now find out they, Sprint, have renewed this contract with the third party tower company. We have been customers for almost a decade, and it's not like I live in Fortuna, CA anymore... Sioux Falls is a pretty big place yet it doesn't have big city coverage. We don't even have corporate stores for easy pay, denying us an early upgrade and other customer conveniences.

We have unlimited data, which is great. Until we can't get covered anywhere and then because you as a company fail in providing your customers coverage, we get charged roaming. After all the roaming charges, which roaming is basically "we can't cover you and that's OUR fault so YOU pay us for OUR failed attempt at network coverage" like I said, dropped connections, no 4g, no customer appreciation.. pretty sure we're done. Like what's the point of unlimited data, if it's not really unlimited because we have to pay for the roaming it comes with? I pay almost 200.00 / month for my phone bill which provides service (lol service is a stretch) for my wife and I, and I am willing to bet that when I take into account the 168.00 charge added to that in roaming fees on my last bill, I can save money for a little less data that's ACTUALLY covered.

With your decision to not invest in South Dakota customers, we're done investing our cell phone service with Sprint.


Re: Sprint and their relationship with South Dakota


Sorry to hear you feel that way. We'd hate to see a valued customer as yourself leave. I will like to discuss this matter with you in more details. Can you please follow this link for further assistance?

- Tiffany
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