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Sprint flex question —- iPhone forever


Sprint flex question —- iPhone forever

Hey, I’ll get straight to the point. 


I got my iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB in July of 2017. I’m using the spring flex 18 mo lease on it, so I’m supposed to have 4 months left. Anyhow, I never mentioned anything about the “iPhone forever plan” and I’m wondering if I still could upgrade as I’ve made 14 payments and the new iPhone is about to be out. 


Im not sure if you had to mention anything, as everywhere I look says I could upgrade right now. 


Also, how much would the price be if possible per month for just the phone? 




Re: Sprint flex question —- iPhone forever

Good afternoon. If you're on the iPhone Forever Plan, you can upgrade every 12 months. You would just have to return your iPhone 7 Plus, in order to qualify of course. The pricing for one of the new phones, depends on the storage of the phone you select.


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