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Sprint zone?


Sprint zone?

On my Samsung s3  phone i could hit *2 and get a pop up on my screen  for me to do different things now i just switched over to a s5 and that option has told me it has unfortunately stopped working why is this ? how am i going to call sprint now when i need to ask a question i refuse to go into a sprint store as i went in there yesterday and that is another story in itself.


Re: Sprint zone?

JAIDASMUMMY, I am sorry to hear that. Try and update the data profile. You can do so by selecting the Sprint Zone App and then system update. Let me know if this works.

- Jeffery
Sprint Social Care

Re: Sprint zone?

@ Jeffrey,  I have a Motorola Android phone that I was having issues with updating the Sprint Zone Application. So I called customer service around the time of these posts and they informed me that the Sprint Zone Application is no longer supported. I'm surprized you are unaware of this.

@ To ALL...I was informed that the Sprint Zone Application is a pre-loaded application and that there is no removing it from your phones.

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My "Zone" was working fine up until I decided that I was avoiding the Google Play Update notices for too long and wanted the latest and greatest.
So, I hit Update in Google Play performed the steps of the update process but at the end I got an Error message, "Content Update Error. Please try again later." 
That's when I found out that Sprint Zone is no longer supported.

SPRINT ZONE STILL WORKS?   Good...don't update it.


Re: Sprint zone?

shockingly its still on the well as my HTC One M7...and the M8..

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