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Support??? Where???


Support??? Where???


I have been trying to get support to put my data plan on my iPad pro. I tried chat. No luck. Also sent a message while said sprint would get back to me asap to resolve the problem, (I’m not sure the exact response). Still waiting. I can’t physically go to a store because of a back injury- I can’t sit in a car right now… I don’t want to post in community but I don’t have the energy to chase down Sprint right now. So here…

Here’s my situation.

I bought a new iPad pro recently. At the Apple store, with cellular, and they helped set it up by putting a Data plan of Unlimited Data with Sprint. This makes it the 3rd device on my plan with Sprint.

My new iPad Pro, it is so slippery and can drop thru fingers so easily. A cover is a must. But I forgot to get one at the store and they didn’t bring up buying one. Before I had a chance to get back I accidentally dropped it, like my fear it slipped through my fingers. The Genius Bar confirmed what was wrong. They ended up swapping out my iPad Pro replacing it with a new one. So happy I got Apple Care Plus. I always put it on all my devices when I purchase a new one, but all these years I’ve never used it. I must say it’s definitely worth having that protection since anything can happen to our precious phones and tablets. You never know. Apple products are so small, covered in slippery glass which is risky without a case and products are getting more expensive with every new release.

The Apple Genius bar set everything up, putting all my i Cloud information on the replaced iPad Pro, but since I’ve activated phones myself at home when I ordered online I told them it I would have the data swapped over to the replaced device at home.. They said that was fine and they agreed it was simple. Said I can just go to Sprint chat if needed.

 At home I tried manually activating/swapping the cellular data plan on my new device. I tried manually but was unsure which option to select and didn’t want to make a mistake. So, I went to Sprint Chat, the lady asked all my info. The phone number on the account, I logged into my Sprint Account, gave her my security answer, then she asked for for IMEI / MEID. I gave her the number. Then she asked for ICCID which I couldn’t find. I asked where the ICCID is, and she said, same place as IMEI under settings - about… I knew that but it wasn’t there. I told her I was having trouble finding it and she just kept saying to please let her know the ICCID number. I told her again I was looking for it but she didn’t offer any other support and I guess she lost patience waiting– without saying anything else she ended the chat.

I was shocked!!! I got screen shots of the whole conversation. I’m totally stunned by Sprint and their lack of customer service. horrible!  After that I sent the message. I don’t remember exactly how I got to the message since it’s been a couple weeks, but I explained what happened including all my information, phone # and I got a popup reply that they would get in contact with me at the number provided asap about the issue. But still not heard a word.. I really hope I’m not getting billed for this time I’ve been waiting for Sprint to help me set it up!!!

Since my iPad was replaced and I no longer have cellular, I’ve had to rely on Wi-Fi. I don’t like to need to depend only on Wi-Fi which is very limited. Obviously I cannot use wifi especially outside of home. That is a reason I paid for wifi with cellular and got the extra data plan.

I’ve been a customer for 15 years. Nextel and then Nextel/Sprint when it combined. Never late with a bill. Now 3 devices on my plan.

And I’m done typing. I shouldn’t have to explain anything. It shouldn’t be this hard to get service… when I’m unable to physically unable to travel to a Sprint Store. I feel like I have to jump through hoops being punished for not doing this in person.

I just want to have the service I signed up for and had running on my previous iPad. Put on my current iPad that the Apple Store replaced with my Apple Care +. If somebody can help me. then please, sooner then later.…

I need to have my laptop repaired, of course I luck out and receive a unit that has a faulty lid which they said to send back. I just received the box to ship back in. Just in time for my college classes for my Masters Degree to start. Maybe I can use my phone to study?




Wow, you've been through a lot. You've come to the right place. I can help you get your iPads swapped for you. I'm going to send you a private message now, to get some account info.


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thank you for posting a question on support.. while I honestly did not read through the entire thing.. I did see one 'comment' in response to your post.  I wanted to know how to post a new question.  coupled with the same support concerns.. so I hope asking this isn't out of line because I see no area even after successfully logging in to the 'community' by which I can start a thread or request for help.. two things.. both equally important.  my bill for three phone lines with sprint is a good hmmm $70 more per month than sold to me upon switching from previous carrier of well over a decade.  That's one issue.. it's consistently in the $200 range ?  I was told $134.. and still .. ? here we are.  


the other major concern is more of a domestic situation to where I am striving for some type of 'control' on the two teen lines I have so as to have some peace in my house. 


specifically :  why cant sprint implement a parental control for internet to where the account owner, in this case, myself, can go into my account and designate a time whereby the youngsters get cut off from internet from x time to x time.  why is this such a problem.  I'm told Sprint doesnt currently have the amenity to do this.  Instead, I would have to call sprint (we all know how horrible it is to reach a person and all calls for support or help are a good 30 mins or more.. out of your time to get something done, for one thing) then mix that with the connection to the broken English indian reps who add extra syllables to the repeated annoying words back to you on the phone elongating the time on the phone. )  it's beyond frustrating.. why do you have to question me by repeating back what I need done.. please this is such a waste of time, instead of saying I understand what you need, here's what I can do.. and even that, at this point isn't much.. why should a parent have to painstakenly be on the phone with a sprint customer service rep for upwards of 30 mins to shut the phone internet access of.. then the account customer is then required to once again call and go through this horrible experience to turn the phones back on  ?  I just want to shut access off from 1 am to 6 am.. is that too much to ask ?  I'm beyond understanding why an account owner cant log in access the phone in question and implement online and within the system a designated time that account owner wants to disable access - the effort and motive to prevent kids from blowing off bed time and being up all night.. Seriously!  am I the ONLY parent who wants this?  I dont think so!!  why are you making me call you each and every time to turn off/turn on services.. !  and also when you do cut off 'data' / internet.. why is text messaging also included ?  I would like just access to online internet to be turned off. period.. it's simple .. please do something.. other companies have this and for the life of me dont understand why you do not offer this feature.  


can I get help also from you as well ?
I have a couple of issues
and have been through quite the ordeal..
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