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Toggle GV on / off


Toggle GV on / off

I need to be able to toggle Google Voice on and off sometimes in order to use the carrier line rather than GV's. There are some 800 numbers that restrict your call based on your location (must be in-state to use the service, like your health care provider, govt services, etc.). Using GV I always get the automated message "the toll free number you have dialed is not available in your area" because GV is using a number from Montana or some far away location.

How can I use the Sprint line instead of the GV line? For what it's worth, my Sprint number and GV number are the same (I ported my GV# to Sprint).

I tried using an app that reported it could do the toggle ('Voice Choice'), but the app just reports 'Voice Choice: Google Voice aborted' and then I get the same message.


Re: Toggle GV on / off


Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately there is not a way to toggle between the services. You would need to disable Google Voice as a whole to go on to our services. We're not privy to any third party apps that may be able to do this for you, however I would use caution when using them to make sure it does not have a negative effect on the other services (data, text) on the phone. Thanks!


Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Toggle GV on / off

For anyone else who happens to find this thread; this is EXACTLY why you should never port your Google Voice phone number!

I'm not saying it'll work with 100% certainty, James, but if you have Sprint release the Google Voice phone number and give you a new phone number, it's POSSIBLE that you might be able to reclaim it in Google Voice.  If you haven't assigned a new number to the GVoice account there may be an option on the left side of the screen (see image attached/below) that says "Get Back Your Old Number."

Or you could pay to port it BACK to GVoice .  For future reference there are a TON of apps that allow you to automatically toggle between your GVoice# and your Cell# when the two are separate.


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