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Trying to upgrade


Trying to upgrade

Hello - I was thinking about upgrading my phone and I wanted to know how I would request another credit check. I have finally built a better credit score so I am kind of hoping I can get a better deal for a down payment if my credit is rechecked. How do I do this?

Sprint Employee

Hey there boniscavage! Thanks for contacting us. In this, we recommend you to get in contact with our Telesales department at: 800-777-4681 or visit one of our stores, please click the link to locate your nearest one: so that they can properly assist you with getting a better deal with your upgrade.

Sprint Social Care

I was actually at a store today and they basically just told me to wait a month or two until my yearly check comes up. I'll try and call later today but I got the same thing the last time I called as well. My phone hasn't been working so I gotta go through with an upgrade soon.

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