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Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken


Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken


I have a full Google Voice integration on my Google Nexus S phone, but something happened with the GV and I am unable to make any calls or send messages.

Guys at Sprint repair center told me that this is a Google Voice issue.

In this situation I want to disable GV on my phone, but when I log into the GV account using the web interface, all I see is a left nav and a blank main pane. The left nav items are not even links. The page is clearly broken, nothing shows up no matter what I click. In this situation I am unable to disable GV myself. Attached screen shot shows how my GV page looks like.

Is there any other way to disable GV on a Sprint phone? Is this something Sprint can do on their end?

Does anybody else have that same issue? Have you been able to resolve it?


Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken


Unfortuately the primary method to disable it is through the Google Voice account. We can tackle this from two different angles however.

First the Google Voice account/website issue : I would attempt to login to a different computer or browser to see if that clears it up. If not, this would have to be an issue brought up with Google Voice's support. Their primary method for support is their online forums. Glancing over it, I did find a few others whom have had this issue, but I was not able to find one where a fix was posted.

For the Calling issue: We can take care of that. Please private message me with your phone number and google username, and I should be able to get atleast the normal phone service working and see if we can get this reported up through our channels too!


Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken

Log into your google voice account at the top right hand corner next to your name should be a gear icon click that select phone settings the setting is phone underneth it should say My google voice number on the side of it says Disable click that then remove the app Then you're all done. Hope this should answer your Question


Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken

Yes one can disable the Google Voice service, but I think it is an absolute SCANDAL that Google will not let you delete your phone number from their servers and close your Google voice account.  Given Google's non-privacy policy on use of your data, LET THE BUYER BEWARE of signing up your phone number, or, heaven forbid, giving them your contacts since they try to use your Google contact list to screen your calls.  This call screening feature makes my phone incompatible with bluetooth in my Camry for taking incoming calls, and there is no way to turn it off with GV enabled.

SPRINT needs to do a better job of informing their users of the implications of downloading and installing Google Voice, or Sprint should cease cooperation with Google in integrating with them.  It is unconscionable that once you make the mistake of installing the app, you can never unenroll from the Google service if you don't like or want it, and they insist on keeping your private data for their own use.  All you can do is a lame "turn it off" on a phone.

I'm writing my congressman because there ought to be a law giving people control over their own data.  They have such laws in Europe and we clearly need the same consumer protections in the US.

Re: Unable to disable Google Voice on Sprint phone - GV page broken

Sprint is doing nothing wrong and sprint should not cease cooperation with Google in integrating with them.I am having no problems with my google voice account at all. Not too long ago I change my sprint mobile phone number from arizona to florida and I had no problems in deleting my old number and adding my new one.All he wants to do is to disable google voice on his smart phone and not close his google voice account.When it comes to all google users in Usa they do have control over there data.Everything you said about google is wrong.

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