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Unlimited 55+


Unlimited 55+

Saw an article in Engadget about the new Unlimited 55+.  Figured as part of the merger, Sprint was going to start offering comparable plans to T-mobile.  Thought I'd switch over a couple of phones - allotted an hour for the task, but was sadly disappointed that after 1-1/4 hours, multiple agents and transfers, II ended up in cancellations, with the only agent that clearly spoke English.  Having no more time to deal with another hour trying to get to customer retention or somebody else who actually cares about keeping long-time customers.  I specifically told her to leave my account alone and gave up.  Haven't seen any Email from Sprint telling me they've cancelled my account, so, hopefully, at least that part of the non-transaction was successful.  Not too surprisingly, couldn't find any info on this new plan (which started today) on the Sprint website.  Guess I'll wait a couple of weeks and see if anything good happens.


Re: Unlimited 55+

I'm really sorry to hear this didn't go the way you'd expected.


Our current Unlimited Freedom plan is priced as follows:


•Line 1: $65/mo.($60 after AutoPay discount)
•Line 2: $45/mo. ($40 after AutoPay discount)
•Lines 3-10: $35/line/mo. ($30 after AutoPay discount).


If you're still looking into switching your plan, feel free to send me a private message and I'll be happy to help with that or anything else you may need.

Just click on my name and then on the yellow Send a message button.

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