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Unlocking phone, please help


Unlocking phone, please help

The phone is no longer in service with Sprint and it is fully paid for, I'm just trying to use another carrier's SIM in it but every time I try and put it in I get the "invalid SIM" message. I was told not too long ago when I called customer care that the phone was unlocked but it isn't. Now when I try and call customer care and enter the phone number that was associated with the phone it just hangs up on me, I'm assuming since it isn't in service anymore. I've tried to go in to the store and find someone in the online chat to help but they all just tell me to call customer care and I can never get through! I'd really like to use this phone as I paid for it and I have no other options at this point.

Is there anything at all that I can do?

Whenever I try to update PRL, Profile, and UICC unlock it just takes me to the hands free activation screen.


Sounds like you've been bounced around with no resolution. I'm glad you landed here. I got you. I will send you a private message to get more information from you.

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