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Upgrading lease early with 50% off promo.


Upgrading lease early with 50% off promo.

Hello, and please bear with me I might sound reeeeeeealy dumb here. 



I have 2 lines both with 9 or 10 months remaining on the leases, a s8+ and a 7plus128.  Both lines are under the 50% off promo that comes in bill credits every month... Not a bad deal.


The problem is now that I'm trying to upgrade early because both phones purchase prices are sub 200$ I figured why not.   


So for the 190ish plus the remaining 10 payments it's something along 500$ per line to actually own the device and upgrade. 

If I'm under the 50% agreement then why isn't my remaining 10 payments 50% off?    If that makes any sense..... It should be $194(purchase price) + 10 payments at ~$32 and then half of that number.    Roughly ~350 to move into a new lease.


I've chatted and called my local store (who are actually pretty good) .... But both of them dodge my question like the plague. Am I being too dense for wondering what the heck is the difference if I sit on the lease for another 10 months and they continue to pay me, or just wanting to settle up with 5 remaining payments to move onto a new device RAISING MY BILL.... Subsequently making sprint more money.



Thanks guys! 

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