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Visa Prepaid Gift Card (what happened!?)


Visa Prepaid Gift Card (what happened!?)

We received a notification that we had been denied for a VISA prepaid gift card, even though we jumped through all the hoops required.

Hopefully you don't use the same policy insurance companies use: deny everyone and then pay those that raise an issue.

The store manager told us what to do, we did it, then denied.  Please help!

CBB-20163656518635 is our confirmation number.

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Re: Visa Prepaid Gift Card (what happened!?)

Hi campbell717394!

We'll be more than happy to assist you with this matter. Please reply to the Private Message I sent you.


Michael C

Sprint Social Care


Re: Visa Prepaid Gift Card (what happened!?)



I'm facing the same issue of missing 2 referral gift cards (50$'s) which where denied not sure for reason also i have updated my profile as requested and also spoke to customer representative but no luck and still i just received only one gift card of 50's. Could you please do the needful in this matter. It's almost been few months since this happened and nothing has changed since then.





Re: Visa Prepaid Gift Card (what happened!?)

Hello raj28shekhar.


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention! We'd gladly take a look at your case. Please check your inbox, We'll send you a private message.

Sprint Social Care
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