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Visual Voicemail Playback Avatar


Visual Voicemail Playback Avatar

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I'm trying to figure out how to change the avatar that lip syncs to your voicemail message when you click the purple smiley face. I've tried looking at all the settings through out the app. Right now I'm stuck with a really dumb looking sock puppet wearing a wig and tiara.

I tried tweeting the goofballs at @sprintcare but they have absolutely no idea how to help. I was told to uninstall the voicemail app. *facepalm* Then I was told to unsubscribe from visual voicemail. *facedesk*

Steps to get to the screen in question: Open Voicemail App > Go to Inbox > Tap a message > Tap the purple smiley face with the + symbol

I've gone to the store and have downloaded various avatars. I see how I can choose an avatar and background when I want to send an avatar message to someone. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE ONE THAT READS MY VOICEMAIL.


Re: Visual Voicemail Playback Avatar


We know this is very frustrating for you. Please try using the Sprint Zone app to diagnose the issue. The following link can be used as a guide . You can also back up all your information and do a hard reset to the phone. Please keep us posted. We're here to help.

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