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Visual voicemail draining my battery!


Visual voicemail draining my battery!

I have the Samsung Galaxy s6 and I've recently noticed that my battery has been draining faster than usual.  i looked at the battery usage and noticed that the Visual voicemail is the major battery consumer.  I don't know why.  I've tried uninstalling updates, force stopping, clearing caches and data; for some reason I can't disable it, it's grayed out.  All is fine and dandy, but when I get a text message, it's like it wakes up my visual voicemail and it starts up again.  Anybody know what's going on??  How can I fix this or turn it off for good?  Please help!


Re: Visual voicemail draining my battery!

I just got told they found the problem and fixed it. I am supposed to reboot my phone to clear up the bad state.

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