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Voice messages left for me are cut short.


Voice messages left for me are cut short.

I have the Galaxy Nexus.  For the past 6 mo - year, random phone messages left thru my Google Voice (using my Sprint #) are only playing back a short portion of the message (example: sometimes 5 seconds, 12 seconds, 34 sec.).  The people leaving the message are not being cut off.  They think they are leaving a full message.  I've seen that this is an issue on the Google Voice forum; however, there is no solution to it.  It doesn't happen to everyone though. 

Does this/has this happened to you? Is there a fix to this?  Is it an issue on Sprints end, or Google Voice's end?  My clients calls are being cut off randomly, and it's not very professional sounding to be telling them that their message didn't play in full, so please repeat all that info to me. 

Thank You



Re: Voice messages left for me are cut short.


Thank you for reaching out to us! I’m sorry to hear about the Google Voice voicemail issue you are having. I searched through my resources and unfortunately wasn't able to find any Sprint solutions.  I also happened to notice that the issue affects customers on other carriers.  I apologize but I would encourage you to utilize the help options on the Google Voice page. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


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