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Voicemail on Galaxy SIII not notifications


Voicemail on Galaxy SIII not notifications

The voicemail app on my Galaxy SIII is not working...I haven't received notification of new VM for weeks, and to access it at all, I have to manually call to check messages only to realize that messages have been waiting for 6 or 7 days.

I don't have messages transcribed, this is just to listen to messages. I do have data services, internet, etc. which are all still working fine. I've cleaned out my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled my SD card, and restarted my phone (removed battery, etc.), all to no avail. The app itself can't be deleted and reinstalled. There are seemingly no updates available.

What are my remaining options to fix this?


Re: Voicemail on Galaxy SIII not notifications

Thank you for reaching out to us jgabb

I definitely do not want this to go on any longer. I want to refresh your voicemail for you, can you please private message me your account name, number and pin or answer to security question?

Looking forward to speaking with you and getting this resolved.



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Re: Voicemail on Galaxy SIII not notifications

Can you do the same to mine? Been calling sprint like crazy. One rep took the time to help me, said there was a bulletin,since then no one is willing to help me.I'm bring charged for a service I'm not receiving. No one had offered to reset my mailbox. I did start a thread on note 3 section.Thank you.

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