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Website not working


Website not working

I just want to change my caller Id name.

Everytime I try can not find my device.

I can not even see a balance due on

I go to the sprint store they tell me I have to pay my bill even though it is not die or late. I do this. is still not working.  I get on Sprint. chat. I have to change my pen and my secret question. I do this and I still have the same problem.

My phone works, my bill is paid and up to date. I have changed my pin and my secret question. I can log onto (notice me here posting had to log on to do this)

I want to see balance or something on My

I want to see my device instead of no devices known.

Any clue?

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Re: Website not working


Thanks for posting.

We need to make sure the correct phone number and/or account number is attached to the account and the PIN number has been entered into to enable admin mode.

I would be happy to help with this if you would please send me some information.

Via Private Message would you please provide me your username, phone number and account pin?

Thank you,


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