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What can I expect with a new contract?


What can I expect with a new contract?

I currently have two phones under one plan. What I'm wanting to do is take one of phones, and create a new customer contract since the account is NOT under my name. Will I get the first time customer low price if I purchase a new phone (which is what I plan on doing)? Also, will I have to get a new number since the account is not under my name? or will I be able to keep my number?


Re: What can I expect with a new contract?

4MARCIE10, Thank you for reaching out to us. You can have a change of ownership done with that line. Basically you would just take ownership of that line, the terms and conditions would apply to you only. However, it would not be considered a new line of service since you want to keep the phone number. Here's a link on more information about Change of Ownership . You would not be able to get the new customer savings. Is the line still under contract? If not you can cancel that line and then open a new line of services for yourself. Let us know if there's anything else that we can assist you with. - Fernendez
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