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Will we ever get 4G? I don't have it currently, yet I'm paying for it.


Will we ever get 4G? I don't have it currently, yet I'm paying for it.

Dear Sprint,

Just out of curiosity, is 4G ever actually going to be available? I've been told for months now that the towers in my area are being upgraded, which I know is a blatant lie, one of many from Sprint. Since that is the case, why am I being charged for 4G services when said services are never available in my area, or any of the surrounding areas, for me to use.

I'd also like to bring up your abysmal customer service, and the fact that I cannot use my phone for anything other than a paperweight outside of my home. I've given my cross streets and address information many a time to many different representatives, and yet absolutely nothing comes of it. You do realize it's a crime to charge for services you're not actually providing, right? Regardless of the state laws in whatever state your call center is based out of, you have to provide the services you're charging someone for.

I don't expect an answer from a real live human being from Sprint, since it is to my understanding that apparently Skynet has taken over the Sprint customer service center. This is based off of the endless, repetitive responses from your "customer service" representatives on social media, as well as on the Sprint chat.

If however, a real representative from Sprint finds this, I'd like to know exactly how long before my contract is over, and what the cancellation fee would be. No, I do not wish to endure anymore fruitless, pointless, or circular discussions on what I'm unhappy about. Check your records, all my complaints should have been recorded there. I just simply want to know when this stupidity will finally no longer be my burden to bear.


One, out of thousands of unsatisfied customers.


Re: Will we ever get 4G? I don't have it currently, yet I'm paying for it.


I'm very sorry you feel this way about Sprint and would like to turn this experience around. I would like to address your questions and concerns on a different forum. Please use this link for further assistance,

Thank you,
- Eric
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