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download and install protection app?


download and install protection app?

I have the Android Motorola 4G with Version 3.2 OS. My question is: Does the Protection app, which I pay $8 a month for, allow me to locate the phone if it is lost or if I left it somewhere? I will write the sequence of events for my downloading experience and also the phone call results which were different, when I called Sprint about my confusion today.

I received a card from Sprint today telling me that I am covered with Total Equipment Protection. Following the instructions on the card, I downloaded the Protection app at and then a text was sent to my phone.

At first I had an error message when downloading it on my phone, but that gave me the chance to read some of the reviews.

One person said this app used a lot of battery on his phone, and that Google took care of locating the phone anyway if it was lost.

I then telephoned Sprint, because I wanted to know if Google really had a way to locate the phone if it was lost or if I left it somewhere. The Sprint person didn't know the answer to that.

The phone answerer told me that the Protection was only for damage or loss, and that cost $8 a month.

He said it didn't cover locating the phone if I left it somewhere, and that would cost another $5 a month if I wanted to add it at Family Locator.

He said I could try it for 15 days free. I said okay, but he said he couldn't do that for me I would have to go to and look up Family Locator for the 15 day trial. He was however able to put the charge on my account if I wanted to start that right away. By this time I wasn't sure if some wool was being pulled over my eyes, because the added $5 was a surprise since it already said on the card that the Protection app was a locater. To make this perfectly clear: The card says:

Protection combines the Equipment Replacement Program and the Equipment Service and Repair Program and provides complete protection for your phone.

It goes on to say: As a Total Equipment Protection customer, download the new Protection App to locate a lost phone.

with the Protection App, you can lock your phone to protect your privacy, as well as remotely erase, sync, and restore contacts for added security.

Go to to download the Protection App, find your nearest Sprint PHone Repair Center or file a claim.

Is it possible that the phone answerer was wrong, as well as the reviewer who said it was not needed because Google could find a lost phone?




The website states that the loator app is "Available at no additional charge to Total Equipment Protection Subscribers".

As for Google being able to locate a lost phone...maybe the person was referring to the Lookout or Plan B apps that attempt to locate your phone and automatically forward a map identifying the device's location on a map automatically sent to your registered gmail email address.


1) Just try it and determine if it uses too much battery. Do NOT use a task manager.

2) You do not need Family Locator

3) The rep misunderstood or did not know what they were doing.


Thank you. I did download it on my phone and received confirmation. I had to check something about GPS which showed me a map on my computer of where the phone is located right now (in my house).

I appreciate knowing that I don't have to sign up for Locater, this was evident from the wording on the card I received in the mail, since it mentioned it three times. I just checked the phone which was not plugged in at night and the battery is not down. Sprint wrote and said: "We've enhanced the Sprint Total Equipment Protection program to give our Android and Blackberry smartphone customers added benefits. locate a device, sound an alarm, lock a device, erase a device contact, back-up a device and manage contacts. It's all included in your $8.00 monthly charge...

So now I have to ask, what does "sound an alarm" mean, and how is that activated and when is an alarm used; and what program do I activate to back up contacts or back up the phone?

Thanks again,



When you download the Total Protection App to your phone you will set up your pin number to use the app remotely.  The app itself automatically backs up your contacts and will put them back on your phone when you redownload the app if your phone is reset or replaced.  Sound alarm on the website will activate an alarm on your phone and play it on the highest setting of sound, I've had to do this before.

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