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google voice intergration


google voice intergration

i am wanting to know. after i did the google voice intergration it now looks like my google number is set to expire in november.  is there a way to keep this from happening without having to pay the 20 bucks? or do i need to remove the intergration to keep it as normal? this has me real confused now. dont know what to do. but if i do have to remove the intergration does that mean i cant use the google voicemail anymore on my sprint phone. also what are the advantages of the intergration in the first place.

please help with these questions


Re: google voice intergration

stephenr1217 -

Thank you for your post. These are very good questions. There shouldn't be a fee with the intergration of Google Voice. I can not speak for the Google Voice number expiring as that would be a question for Google. The advantages for intergration are explained here: Unfortunately, the questions you have would be better directed towards Google primarily because we do not charge for the service and we wouldn't have anything to do with the number expiring.

- *Kitty

Sprint Social Care Team

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