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help asap

Hello, I have an iPhone 7 Plus device that got water damage. I pay monthly payment and also pay for insurance. I pay about $ 92 every month when I bought the phone i got it with my friend name , meaning she is the one who bought it technically and that because i was new in the country and I have not built a credit yet. but the payment were all made by me and taken from my bank account , after the water damage I give it to my friend to go and pay the 250 insurance because again its with her name , she was supposed to get me the new phone she but decided to keep her phone to herself even though i was the one who paid All payments and its is taken from my bank account. Is it he r right to do that ? and hwo i can get my phone back ? Answer me as soon as possible


Re: help asap

Hello yumna. It sounds odd and unfair, however, since the account is under your friend's name you'll have to talk to her about the situation.

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