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htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

To Riley_Tommy, nice post. I have been a Sprint customer since 2000.  Also, pretty much have been treated extremely fairly by them.  And for the most part have gotten pretty good customer service from them. 

And as far as people whining, let me point out a few things. I purchased this phone at the end of October 2012.  And after it was activated by Sprint, I got pushed to an update which promptly killed all my custom ringtones.  And they wouldn't work even after a complete reset.  That's when SPRINT told me "oh yea" there's an issue with that update, but the patch that HTC issued to fix that broke other things and it didn't always work.  So they recalled the patch.  OK so who's fault was it that they continued to push out an update to newly activated phones when they knew it would break the custom ringtones?  But didn't bother to let you know when you purchased it?  Sprint and/or HTC of course.  Take your pick.  If they recalled the patch from being pushed to phones, they should have recalled the update too until it was fixed.

When JB came out my HTC Evo 4G LTE had more issues.  I couldn't use maps, and when I made a phone call the proximity sensor had quit working and I couldn't make phone calls at night or indoors; I had to go outside in the bright sun and if it was cloudy, forget it.  The screen would go black and completely lock up.  And I couldn't disconnect from anyone without completely turning off the phone.  And considering they had to issue an software update to fix it (and it took a month), pretty sure that was HTC's problem especially since when I called them they said they were aware of the issue and were working on an update to fix it.  As far as Maps navigation, going to 2D in Navigation doesn't work for everyone.  It didn't for me.  I had to uninstall the maps updates, do a cache partition wipe, reinstall the maps updates and it started working again.  But once again, it broke. Sounds like an HTC issue, not Google.  My VoiceDialer with my brand new most current issued BlueTooth Q3 which worked fine in the morning one day and became incompatible in the afternoon with my phone. It had been working fine since I purchased it in February.  And HTC admitted it to me while being on the phone with them for over an hour said it could be them, maybe BlueAntz.  Neither is sure.  But the steps HTC had me do to try and fix it, broke my Google Maps again. And I do use TeleNav which I really like, so I'm not too upset about Google Maps.  But my BlueTooth issue is a safety issue since I can't use it anymore to make phone calls while I'm driving.  But since my life's not over if I can't talk on my phone while driving, I can live with it.  But again, I purchased a phone that's SUPPOSED to be compatible with my BlueTooth, and was for 30 days, but now isn't.  So I've wasted my $$$ on the BlueTooth.  And by the way, I also tested it with my older BlueTooth Q2 which was working until I replaced it with my Q3 but now doesn't work either.  Sounds like an HTC issue, not the BlueTooth.  And since it's happened after using it for over a month, pretty sure it's the phone.  A complete reset of the phone didn't work, but I got to reinstall everything all over again.  That was alot of fun!   

And remember, these apps may be FREE, but they are apps that HTC has chosen to come installed on their phones.  They're supposed to work.  And by the way, one of the reasons these apps are FREE is to get people to buy Androids, not IPhones where you have to pay for their Apps. And not all apps are free, even with the Androids.

My daugther & son-in-law's phones have no issues.  Exactly the same one I have, all purchased at the same time.  I have issues.  They don't.  Who's to blame for that?  I'd say HTC.  Probably some bad components.  But guess what?  Issues didn't start up until after a 30 day return policy expired so I am stuck unless I drop the phone and pay $100 to get a refurbished phone that probably will have issues also.

As far as Sprint goes, people have every right to complain.  The new technology has kicked their butts in keeping up with it. They haven't with the 3G, 4G or 4G LTE. Sprint, and no one else but Sprint, told me 4G LTE would be available in my area in the Spring of 2013 BEFORE I decided to buy the HTC Evo 4G LTE in October.  I asked if it would still get 3G and 4G and they said yes. I'm not a novice in purchasing phones. They blatantly lied. This phone doesn't have a 4G Antenna, only a 4G LTE one.  So it only gets 3G.  Who's to blame for that? 3G doesn't connect most of the time. Who's to blame for that? Pretty sure it's Sprint.  Their service has progressively become horrible and since I've been with them since 2000 I have something to compare it to. 

So, if you don't like the complaining, why even come onto a blog where people are complaining and trying to get help?  They are frustrated, and since they can't get their problems solved by their carrier, or phone manufacturer they come here looking for hints that may help them.  When you pay alot of money for a phone and service, it's expected it will work.  ALL of it.  Not just portions.  


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

I bought an HTC EVO LTE at Best Buy last night. I asked about their return policy for phones and they told me I had 14 days to return it and 72 hours to get a refund of the upgrade fee. I bought it knowing there was a problem with Google Nav because I hoped that a newer phone might not have the same problems as the ones sold last summer and fall.

It doesn't work. Google Nav works for 2-7 minutes and then locks up. I can restart it and it will work again for a few minutes but then it locks up again. Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it locks up. This is a brand new phone and I really thought it would have the newest components. Apparently this problem  will not be fixed before Key Lime Pie or it may not be fixed at all. 4 months is a long for a defect like this to continue if there was any effort in progress to figure it out.

Overall I like Sprint. I think they are the most reasonably priced carrier even though their 4G roll out is proceeding at a snails pace. But the responsibility for this is Sprints. They sell the phone (put it into commerce) and the software is forced out over their network. They may be able to go back to Google or HTC, but as consumers we have the right to hold the seller responsible for defects where they provide the ongoing service (network connection) and Customer Service.

Yes, HTC and Google are responsible too, but I haven't seen an HTC or Google store anywhere near my house. Sprint should take the lead to get this fixed.

BTW, TeleNav is now called Scout and I am going to try it out tomorrow. If it works I may keep the phone. I really like the way it is built. If it doesn't work, or if I find out problems, I'll return it for the LG Optimus G or the SGSIII.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

Why didn't u by the HTC  One that comes out next week?  I would soooo be getting that phone instead if I was not in the middle of a contract.... Just saying...


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

I too have an evo 4g lte and have had no issues with the navagition on the device, I use google maps and its nav almost everyday never had an issue with it, Im running jelly bean as well. I would recommend a hard reset to the phone see if that clears it up.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

Personally, I would take the LTEVO back to the store before the 14days is up or use it until the 13th day, (call to verify this date). Then take it back and get the ONE which is coming out.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

I'm with everyone else.  I'd get the HTC One coming out next week.  It looks soooo awesome! But every new phone comes out with new issues, so who knows?  Maybe Key Lime Pie will solve everything. (By the way, where in the **** do they get these Operating System names from anyway?)

Oh and as far as TeleNav not sure about Scout.  I've heard alot of stuff about it and issues with the information not being current, only being able to view it in landscape mode, locking up, etc.   But since they aren't going to do anymore updates with TeleNav, guess I'll have to download and try it out.   Not too happy about that, cause I really like it.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

Right now I'm 90% certain I will keep the EVO LTE. I have several reasons but the main two are philosophical and economic. None of these phones work 100% and none of them work 100% of the time. I also got it for free ... only had to pay the upgrade fee which I'm sure goes partly to Best Buy. The HTC One would cost me $199 and the SGSIV will cost $249. I'm on a budget people. LoL. My other choice is the LG Optimus G with the Quad CPU, but it actually gets lower ratings than the EVO LTE. The LG and the Samsung SGSIII also feel flimsy and cheap compared to the EVO LTE.

Anyway, the EVO LTE feels solid in my hand because of the metal casing, and the Sense UI is familiar to me because I have used an EVO 4G for over 2 years now. It was a good phone (still is) but it is getting long in the tooth and is noticeably slower than newer phones. The EVO LTE is also lightweight, fast and has a beautiful screen. But I absolutely love "Beats Audio." It produces the best sound of any recent Android phone on the Sprint Network including the SGSIII and the LG Optimus G. Yes, the phone is a little flakey sometimes, but other than Google Nav everything seems to work 90% of the time. The Wifi Radio is extremely powerful and will stream Pandora and Youtube without so much as a skip. My old EVO 4G had problems with its Wifi radio. The sound quality of calls is also exceptional and the battery life is very good. (Esp. compared to the EVO 4G) We don't have LTE where I live so I can't speak to that.

What I don't like: it is a serious design flaw to put the Micro USB port on the side of the phone instead of the bottom and it is on the side you primarily rest the phone with the kickstand. (although it is reversible) But the real problem is the amount of pressure the charging cord will put on the port when charging the phone if you use a suction mount on your windshield when traveling. Also, the volume rocker toggles much too easily. I wish it had a firmer response and the buttons were smaller because I am constantly changing the volume by accident. (I'll get used to it I'm sure.) I'm also not a fan of the text messaging UI. Looks too Appleish. I also wish you could customize the way the screens present themselves when you swipe through them, and the "snooze" and "refuse a call" swipe motions are counterintuitive. But all that is being picky.

Navigation is the real dealbreaker for me and if that doesn't work the phone goes back. Google Nav has saved me from getting lost or being late a dozen times in the past 2 years so I can't live without it. I posted above that Google Nav works for 2-7 minutes and then crashes. It will work in 2D mode which is okay. I have not tried any resets, cache wipes or other fixes because the phone is brand new ... plus, that has not worked for other people so it seemed like a waste of time. I did try entering from "Maps", searching for my destination and then going to Navigation. It still crashed. I've got 12 more days to decide so I decided to try a few other  Navigation apps to see if I could find a replacement for Google Nav until they fix it (If they do fix it.) so yesterday I downloaded "Scout" from the Google Play Store. It is the successor to TeleNav (which is no longer updated) and made by TomTom. I tried it out on the short trip home from work last night and it worked. Tried it again this morning -- for about 15 minutes and it worked. Tonight, I drove about 25 miles (more than 40 minutes) and it worked flawlessly. It even looks a bit like Google Nav, but does not have a "Street View."

You can enter Scout using Google Maps or directly using the Scout interface. It also remembers destinations and stores them on the phone. Tonight, during my trip I did everything I could to confuse it. I programmed two destinations and on the second one I intentionally took several wrong turns to see how quickly and accurately it would re-route. It performed flawlessly. Now, maybe it won't work on a long trip out of state, but around town it worked without a hitch. For folks frustrated by Google NAV crashes on this or any phone I would definitely recommend that you download Scout and start using it. There is obviously a serious flaw with Google NAV on "some" phones and Google seems to be taking their sweet time fixing it. My guess is Google is blaming HTC, and HTC is blaming Google and Sprint is blaming both. Until they sort out the responsibility it won't get get fixed.

I'm going on a short trip Saturday so I'll have a chance to test Scout for a longer period. I'd be interested to hear from others who give Scout a try.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

HTC One is $129.00 through w/o activation fee i believe.

HTC One is ALL metal, while EVO 4G LTE is half metal, half plastic

HTC One has a larger battery than EVO 4G LTE

HTC One has Sense 5.0 / 4G LTE has 4.0

HTC One has USB port on bottom of phone / 4G LTE has it on the side as you stated

Just a guess - but I betcha Navigation works great on HTC One, and remember HTC EVO 4G LTE Nav also works in 2D Mode

There are SEVERAL alternative apps for text messaging, I use Handsent SMS, and you can change the way the text layout is between IPHONE or Android style

HTC One has an improved single button volume rocker

HTC One has beats audio AND Stereo (2X) front facing speakers

Customizing Screens / Swiping is easy to do with a variety of add on apps from android market - lots of options out there

Mapquest also has a navigation app for Android

HTC One's Sense 5.0 has a new "blink" feature which is kinda similiar to the Windows Phones, but you can turn it off if you dont want to use it.

HTC One supports new WiFI bands, which is super duper duper fast.

HTC One's camera is also super great

HTC One has a much faster CPU/Processor and more ram than the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Major in depth article on HTC One here (its like 12 or 14 pages long):


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

It's a nice phone ... no doubt, but it  will have problems. They all do eventually either right out of the box or down the line when an update breaks something.

I'm really not looking for the latest and greatest phone. I'm looking for a deal and I think I found it if Scout Navigation will work on a long trip. If it doesn't (I'll find out tomorrow) the phone will go back and I'll consider the SGSIII or the HTC One. I may take another hard look at the LG Optimus G as well.

Has anyone else tried Scout Navigation by TomTom?


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

Yes, I downloaded Scout and have been trying it for a few days now.  Seems to work and sound just like TeleNav with a few updated features.  Had it stop working on me once when it was re-routing cause I knew where I was going and wasn't following it's directions (just testing it out LOL) but that could be a signal loss due to my location (up near mountains).  But it hasn't locked up since.  I give it a 4 out of 5 beause of a few default features that personally I don't like.  It takes a little getting used to since it "Scouts" out several locations, in multiple cities instead of just the city you asked for, and you have to scroll through them all to find the one you want instead of what you asked for and that takes awhile for it to find all of them and then scroll through them.  It's ok.  I like TeleNav better and still use it, but since they're not going to keep it updated, well I guess I'll have to delete it and switch back and forth between Google Nav & Scout.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

Found possible fix for Google Navigation crash issue.  Have gone through 3 Sprint EVO LTE with same results.

Here is the steps I took:

1. Factory default phone.

2. During setup wizard did not setup syncing with Google or HTC.

Important do not allow Google account to sync because it will download apps and settings.  We will setup Google account later.

3.  Once phone setup is done immediately install latest Google Map update.  Once installed test Navigation to see if app still crashes.

I had install one app one by one and found the voicemail update is the app that is causing navigation to lockup and crash.

Have tested this on 3 different EVO LTE and seem like my navigation issue has been resolved.  Again I had disabled auto app update.  Let me know if this fix helps.


Re: htc evo 4g lte jelly bean update breaks google maps navigation

After several months being a part of the thread, I am amazed at how many people want to blame sprint or find a work around for google crap.  PEOPLE, look.  The software is designed by google.  It is there responsibility to make sure it works on all phones.  As you can tell, they don't care that the HTC 4G LTE is one of the few phones that it does not work on.  So as a consumer you need to overload Google or try Scout.  I was using Telenav before they revamped there product to Scout and I really like the Scout Navigation program.  Its time for you to move on.  When your favorite restaurant hires a new cook and they continue to overcook your steaks, you move on to a new place to eat.  The owner will only give you a free steak once.

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