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iPhone 7 "Searching" after reboot


iPhone 7 "Searching" after reboot



About a week ago I lost my international reception on my iPhone after a power cycle. Ive tried the following steps:

1. Toggled airplane mode

2. checked my roaming settings (all correct)

3. Hard reset the phone

4. dialled ##873283# to refresh the towers

5. removed the Sim card and re inserted it

6. reset the network settings on the phone

7. restored the phone and set it up as NEW

8. downgraded the software to iOS 12.2.0

9. Contacted Sprint to check on my coverage. My plan has no issues at this time.


Today, my phone wont even prompt me when I remove the SIM card and can no longer enable WiFi calling.


I am beyond frustrated. As an active duty service member currently deployed to Japan, this is my best way to keep in touch with my family back home and I have gotten no answers as to why this is happening. Each time I contact Sprint, the operator has be perform the same steps I have already performed with no success. 


If anyone has had a similar problem and resolved the issue, please drop your solution in the comments. I will also be posting this to Apple Support page because I'm out of ideas.


Thank you for your time and support.

Sprint Social Care

Re: iPhone 7 "Searching" after reboot

Hey ktear501. Sorry you are still having trouble with the device. Did you dial ##873283# while on WI-FI?

Sprint Social Care
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