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rebates from sprint?


rebates from sprint?

so ive just come up on my 180 day mark, which is an awful long time to have to wait for a rebate, and ive heard all bad things about sprints level of cooperation. new phone, evo lte 4g, new plan, 450 all data, new customer, can anyone offer advice on steps for a smmoooooth rebate return process?

much thanks!

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Re: rebates from sprint?


I can help. Tell me...when you track your rebate at, what is the current stauus of your rebate? I'll be here to continue the process with figuring this out with you.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: rebates from sprint?


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Re: rebates from sprint?


Can you send me a private message that includes:

  • Phone number(s) expecting rebate
  • Model phone purchased
  • Date of purchase
  • Date rebate form was mailed by you (estimated is fine)
  • Pin code or security ans for Sprint account

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ruth E

Social Care Team

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