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sprint unlock policy

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sprint unlock policy

Is it correct that sprint will AUTOMATICALLY unlock iphone 8 automatically after 1. lease has been paid off 2. min of 50 days of service on the phone?  Will I get a notification/email when phone is unlocked?


I've had sprint for 6-7 months.    I signed up for lease only two weeks ago but today I paid off the balance at the store.   My question is when will my iPhone get unlocked since now I have paid off the lease?   50 days from the purchase date?

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Re: sprint unlock policy

I am sorry for the delayed response.  Sprint does automatically send a signal to active devices after their agreements: contract, purchase or lease are completed and paid off.  If you're still a Sprint customer and the device is attached to your account, make sure it's powered on and within Sprint coverage.  Typically these signals are sent within a few days of device pay off or contract fulfillment.  It's a one time thing, so it's vitally important that the phone be powered on and within coverage in order to receive the unlock signal.


If you've requested your device be unlocked manually, spoken to an agent who has submitted a ticket, you'll receive either an email or text (whichever you've chosen as your account notification method) telling you when it's done or, if it's not eligible for some reason, you'll be notified that we could not.  Otherwise, I'm afraid there isn't an automatic notification.




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