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still within 14 days, should I cancel the service


still within 14 days, should I cancel the service

Hi experience sprint customers,

I encountered many dropped calls. I even dropped three times when I called Sprint customer service yesterday.

Very poor data service. Many times there is only a circle not 3G besides Sprint. Almost always 1-2 signal bars, at most 3 bars, but rarely.

I am working in downtown NYC near WTC. Also very poor data service.

Do you think I should stay with Sprint until it upgrades to 4G LTE? Or should I switch to another carrier?

How is MetroPCS? better than Sprint?


Taizu, do not get stuck in a 2 year contract with poor coverage as you will regret it. I recommend returning the phone before the 14 days are up and finding a carrier which works for you. Personally Sprint has great voice and data coverage (Wimax 4g) in my area so I have no complaints about them but I know their coverage is not great in all areas.



When did you originally sign up for service.  Because of Hurrican Sandy, there are some parts of New York that are without service.  If you would post your cross streets/zip code I can take a look at a few things to see if there are any other factors contributing to your serivce.



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