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Spotify FAQ's


Learn more about the free Spotify trial

How do I sign up for the free Spotify trial?

Visit or visit a Sprint store.

What Sprint devices are eligible to receive the Spotify offer?

All Android, iPhone and Windows 8 phones. No tablets. 

If I am currently using Spotify, can I still take advantage of the three- or six-month trial?

Yes. The three- or six-month trial will be credited to your existing Spotify account during the sign-up process.

What if I have multiple lines on my account? Can I get multiple trials of Spotify?

Yes. Each line of service can redeem the Spotify offer.

Am I eligible for more than one Spotify trial offer?

No, trials are not stackable.

What happens if I change devices during my trial or subscription period?

There will be no impact to your trial. For your subscription, your credentials make the service available on any eligible/capable device. You will just need to re-download the Spotify app on your new device.

Whom do I contact if I have issues with the Spotify app/service?

Visit the Spotify support page at

Where can I find general help and FAQs for the Spotify service?

Whom do I contact regarding Spotify charges on my Sprint bill?

Visit a Sprint store or call customer care.

Which do I pay for my service, Spotify or Sprint?


Will my Spotify monthly recurring charge (MRC) show up on my Sprint bill?


How do I know how much I will be billed after my free trial ends?

For non-Framily members, you will pay $9.99 per month after your trial ends. For Framily members, you will pay a promotional price of $4.99 or $7.99 per month for 18 months (depending on the number of premium Spotify users in your Framily). After 18 months, you will be billed Spotify’s regular monthly charge. 

How will I know when my MRC will be changing because more or fewer Framily members are using the Spotify service?

Your Sprint bill will show how much you will be charged for the coming month of service. 

Is it possible for my MRC to change if my Framily adds or removes members from Spotify?

Yes, once your Framily has more than five premium Spotify subscriptions billing on the same Framily ID, the monthly rate will decrease. Alternately, if the number of premium Spotify subscriptions on your Sprint Framily decreases to fewer than five, the monthly rate will increase. Increases or decreases may take up to two invoices before they appear on your bill.

Is the number of Spotify Framily members the same thing as my Sprint Framily members?

No. It is possible to have a different number of Sprint Framily members and Spotify Framily members who are Spotify users.

How do I cancel my Spotify service?

Log in to and remove Spotify in the add/remove services section. You also can call customer care or visit a Sprint store.

Can I cancel my trial or subscription any time?

Yes. If you are on the free trial, you will be able to complete the trial period and will not be billed during this time. You will be billed at the end of the trial period on your Sprint invoice unless you contact us to cancel.  If you cancel while you are on a subscription MRC, you will be able to enjoy the rest of that month’s service.